Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ask Other Mothers

I’d like to meet some Muslim moms
Because I'm so confused.
I was taught that Christians should kill non-Christians,
And that then included Jews.

We were taught about the Crusades;
We sang homages to war.
We seemed to forget the teachings of the man
Born under the Far Eastern Star.

It seems that even he had a temper
When the temples were selling blessings.
Once throwing out the falsehoods,
He left us with many lessons.

Of how to be good people
And create harmony on this earth,
Listening and speaking carefully
To all who had been given birth.

We want our “just” rewards in a hurry,
And we really don’t want to share.
We spend a lot of time in worry
That there are limits to Almighty care.

Jesus was a Jew traveling in Palestine's land.
He did not ask anyone’s faith;
He held out his loving hands,
And asked us to continue to wait.

He never condemned those considered “other.”
He fed and spoke to all in sight;
Encouraging all to act as brothers --
As a loving family might.

We are frightened and impatient;
Instead of walking in love,
We shout at and curse the others
Though they, too, come from above.

Are we to believe that our Creator
Continues to create others
Who will never also meet their Maker?
I’d like to ask other mothers.