Thursday, February 28, 2013

Singing of The Sacred Spirit

I'm overwhelmed with gratitude, when going grocery shopping;
I am able to purchase our desires, without budgetary stopping.
It is a constant reminder to me that my husband's years of denial
Daily save me from many of my fellow American's trials.

I do not deserve the largess he has shared freely with me,
And the many gifts he's given my friends and my family.
I often ask what he desires from his one and only wife;
He says, repeatedly, that my friendship continues to suffice.

My children love me in the same way, adding to my joy.
With balance in relationships, I try not to toy.
I've never been able to figure out what I owe in return
So my passionate gratitude, sometimes, too hotly burns.

Is pure, sweet love and admiration such a rare human thing
That unconditional acceptance, such gifts of gratitude brings?
I'm blessed by many in my life with mutual admiration societies;
Our shared peaceful presence is that by which we're pleased.

I have a brother who once told me my gift is appreciation;
How can it be that such a simple thing causes such celebration?
And how is it that so many that I've most admired
Have pointed out that my love of them only makes them tired?

Perhaps the term they mean to use is that they're overwhelmed;
So many of us have grown up with fear at our life's helm.
It may be difficult to accept the power of a Sacred wind,
When we have been taught to focus on our own and others' sins.

Perhaps if we can refocus on humanity's grand celebrations,
We'll find peace and prosperity in all the vastness of creation.
When we stop believing that our value is simply tribal,
We may live with gratitude for others, rather than in denial.

There's no religion that doesn't have roots in those before them;
Seeking The Sacred Spirit is reserved for only humans.
I believe we would be more satisfied if we stopped limiting
Our view of The Sacred Spirit to what only a few mystics bring.

The water outside my door I share with the country of Mexico;
This is also where the hummingbirds I know, seasonally go.
Some of my grandchildren, by chance, share this heritage
But many would like to wipe Mexicans off our country's grid.

Some of my best friends are Sicilian, with all the passion that entails.
When did the definition of passion insist that suffering prevails?
Laughter, tears, speech, singing, and other physical endeavors,
Are ways to express excess passion in which only humans are clever.

Why do we, in our embracing of America's Puritanical society,
Continue electing representatives who share in community hypocrisy?
I want to see how each person channels their gratitude and appreciation
In building, not their own power bases, but the strength of our nation.

Until I hear more of appreciation and grateful humility
For the incredible gift of being born in the land of the free,
I will continue, against the wealthy, white Anglo-Saxon males
Who have been taught that they have a "god"-given right to prevail.

I also continue to rail against the women who believe their wombs
Give them the right to control lives from pre-conception to tombs.
The secret of eternal success in the peace of humanity
Is in the sharing equally in resources, it seems to me.

The wars and rules that we perpetrate, at the expense of others,
Pass the resentments and revenge down to future sisters and brothers.
Has there ever been a culture of humans around our earth
That hasn't contributed to our uniquely American rebirth?

I am cowed by the gratitude to have been born in this land,
And to have been given freely more than I'd ever demand.
It takes my breath away, whenever I stop to realize,
That I'm the product of The Sacred Spirits that some friends despise.

How can I ever thank the black women who loved and nurtured me,
When my own mother and her mother lacked that loving ability?
How can I spread the word that passion is a wonderful gift
To the many of my friends who only trust in thrift?

It saddens me so that so many are happy for me,
While keeping their own lives and loves, celebration free.
I have tried for the last few years to turn my back on celebration,
But it's led me right back to the reason for my creation.

What can be any easier that to go around appreciating
The qualities in others who were, for acceptance, waiting?
Could it be that this is a truly Sacred Spirit vocation,
Not requiring any suffering martyr aspirations?

My husband doesn't seem to believe that I lack
Any  proper wife skills in which I feel I'm slack.
Many of my friends seem perfectly satisfied by my presence.
Are my attempts to repay them simply arrogant pretense?

I find it hard to believe that my presence on the earth
Is enough to justify the blessings of my birth.
Can it be true that I am admonished to only continue singing
About all the blessings that The Sacred Spirit is bringing?