Thursday, March 27, 2014

What We Believe

If God is who many say He is, I know He isn't true;
He has too many of the selfish ways that humans do:
He wants us to leave our children unattended to worship Him;
What we work so hard to achieve, He destroys on a whim.
He produces children to be sacrificed to assuage His wrath,
Allowing the cruelest rulers to lead us on His defined path.

Just as people are given hope to live in peace on earth,
He gives the reigns of earth over to a new era that is cursed.
The followers of His son are now guilty for His son's suffering,
And now must live through the punishment that this sin brings.
His humans were never meant to live in peace in this life;
We were created, to this hungry god, be eternal sacrifice.

Should we believe that any generation will be given the keys
That will finally this, eternally insatiable godhead, please?
I think not; I don't believe Eternal Sacred Spirit is a godhead,
Ancient symbols for what innocent humans were taught to dread.
I believe The Sacred Spirit is meant to be eternally mysterious,
Only manifested in the responsible compassion of all of us.

Religions seem to be created to limit our understanding,
So that we each, like cattle, accept their tribal branding.
This may have served before the fullness of humanity,
But this does not promote peace in global community.
I refuse to accept an eternal Sacred Spirit that is limited
By faces, and feats that human perception has permitted.

I enjoy hearing the awe of innocent children's discoveries;
I prefer to accept, as sacred, what the young child sees.
Children see no unacceptable colors or earthly anomalies,
Until their authority figures show that we're displeased.
When we stop allowing our fears to define The Sacred,
We'll, again, be in the eternal Garden of Eden, and naked.