Monday, October 28, 2013

HaMakom and Mensch-ism

"The Omnipresent" (literally, The Place) (Hebrew: המקום) Jewish tradition refers to God as "The Place" to signify that God is, so to speak, the address of all existence. -wikipedia

There is no gender designation, nor any anthropomorphism. It seems to me that men continue to create gods who demand shedding of blood at the hands of each other in order to divide creation into their own manageable parts. Why do we continue to accept their stories of war and conquest as "sacred scripture?"

It is time to, not only look at accepted scriptures with earth-loving eyes; it is also time to unveil our own sacred scriptures and accept them into a new canon and covenant. The ability to become fully human has been with homo sapiens for too many generations for our nations to continue acting as marauding animals, destroying all outside their own prides, packs, clans, cackles, etc.

Procreation of our own genetics is simply an animal instinct. Responsible compassion for our earth and all the resources herein, and the decision to bring more mouths to feed into the world only when the resources are abundantly available, are parts of the nature of full humanity. This is the difference between sacred sexuality and simple sex. 

Anything that dims the light of free will in homo sapiens: drugs, alcohol, fear, addictions, is a threat to each human and the whole of humanity by reducing us to our base animal instincts. So many conceive while in these states and gestate their young while in these states, that it is questionable that their young will ever be capable of having or exercising full free will. These homo sapiens can never reach the full potential of their humanity without free will, but with careful, compassionate, responsible care, they can continue in creating greater sacred energy with their lives.

We all live in the same "Place" when we share in responsible compassion for all around us. We are the authors of peace on earth when we accept the challenges of being parts of fully formed humanity. The Yiddish have a term for those who exhibit this full humanity, a real "mensch." Maybe we need to form a world religion of "Menschism."