Thursday, March 15, 2012

Praising Productivity

Having a job is a most wonderful thing
That this stage in life can bring
I've always felt torn before,
As I dressed and walked out the door.
My children are now long-since grown;
My time is truly my very own.
My husband has his own pet projects,
And I no longer feel the need to fret.
The place that provided his heart transplant
Cares for him as other hospitals can't.

I had trouble believing, when first told,
That the other employees wouldn't be cold.
The office is filled with friendly faces
Who all share each other's places.
Perhaps it's a function of market makers
That they are givers, not takers.
I couldn't be happier with my position;
My dream is coming to fruition.
I'm doing work in which I believe;
No longer for my old life will I grieve.

I don't want to become too complacent; 
Long-term, this may not, for me, be meant.
But while it lasts, I feel needed;
With happy faces I am greeted.
Housework has never filled my need,
And earning is not simply for greed.
We can much longer be independent
If one of us is, on a paycheck, bent.
Isn't this what we all want on earth,
A place that we can call our berth?