Tuesday, February 14, 2012

History and Holiness

We all face feeling like useless accessories;
Our culture has no use for their ancestories.
There is so much wisdom that is being buried
Because our children are so harried.

That was then and this is now;
They don't want to be shown how
To avoid the mistakes of our pasts,
But this is what makes the Bible last.

Stories of the path to Holiness and then
The next generation starts over again.
We should pay attention and decide
To honor the failures of what has been tried.

We should honor the successes too,
And from these lessons, choose what to do.
But where are the scribes writing this down
Are there no more sacred scriptures to be found?

One generation to another
Says that they don't want to bother
With the lessons learned by others
Especially their fathers and their mothers.

And so we continue to make the same mistakes
That each generation before us makes.
It's not a god thing, it's humanity
That wishes, from our history, to break free.

Until we are willing to slow down,
The Spirit of generations won't make a sound.
From the mistakes of our past, we can only break free
When we are willing to, The Spirit, hear and see.