Sunday, June 24, 2012

Magical or Mentally Ill?

There is no one thing on earth that has only one manifestation;
Color is in our perception of light; after dark there's little differentiation.
I know a tree is green to those who taught me color in school,
But now teachers who limit the imagination are thought of as cruel.

Are those who are color blind unable to see a tree?
Or does the color look different to them than it does to me?
A person who is schizophrenic to you, may be mystic to me;
And what is the difference between perfectionist and OCD?

While we may not want scientists who can't think in straight lines,
All great art is created in an artist's alternate state of mind.
When sadness mixes with fear and anger, some become enraged;
Others become more manic in that in which they are engaged.

There are those who will tell you that they know the facts of life;
These are people for whom the accepted rules and history suffice.
There are so many marginalized because they see what others don't;
Some of us see and hear many things that others can't or won't.

There is no way for a blind man to comprehend yellow;
A scientist may not communicate with a more artistic fellow.
Do we have to label each other as right or wrong,
Simply because we don't understand each others' song?

I know that in order to survive, I need to cooperate;
This is why we have many ways to communicate.
Some can't perceive emotion, including others' pain;
We also have words and touch to make our feelings plain.

There are those who cannot speak in an organized way;
This doesn't mean they have nothing to say.
Some dance, some sing, some paint beautifully,
All attempts to set what we're feeling free.

There must be those who embrace both science and art;
Can't these people, in communication, play a mediator's part?
Instead we tend to form herds of people all the same;
Even in the world of sports, this is no way to win a game.

Can we please stop arguing over whose manifestation is right,
Instead of being intrigued by the many ways of seeing light?
I don't say you're wrong because you have a different gift;
Maybe if we communicate and share, both our views will shift.

If you believe only those who believe like you are saved,
We will never be at peace with each other until we're in our graves.
Until we want to understand where others' views are coming from,
There is very little chance that peace on earth will ever come.

Our Offspring and the Untouchables

The most important thing about Jesus, in my opinion, was in his life of courage, strength of belief, and example. The fact that this led to his being murdered by the frightened masses is quite incidental to me; however, his willingness to go to his death with courage does underline how deeply he believed in his mission on earth.

Until Jesus, place in society was pre-ordained by one's birthright. Jesus' very radical message was that parents don't hand on their strengths, weaknesses, and beliefs, only the tendency toward certain attributes. The blending of the attributes of both parents creates a new entity, in most cases, with the ability to choose which behaviors of what parents one will emulate. Free will also gives us the ability to choose to look outside our ancestory for example.

Whether Jesus was a god while he walked on earth is the subject of much debate, but one thing is certain. Both his earthly parents came from a long line of people groomed for generations to lead this most special man in preparation for his ministry, breaking the chains of ritualistic righteousness. We still don't seem to get it.

We still treat others as "untouchables" by refusing to pay them wages that enable them to live in dignity. We still hold fast to families and faith traditions that are against the acknowledgement of Divinity in all of creation. And we still want laws that mandate what we consider moral behavior because we don't have the willingness to stand up for what we believe while society scorns us and our offspring for messing up the curve of the supposed laws of salvation. We still appoint people to lead us like we are sheep, instead of exercising our own judgement.

There are some souls that have no capacity for free will (judgement). Certain forms of brain damage and mental illnesses make it impossible for these people to be productive without patient parents and/or partners forever acting as mentors and/or balance for the deficits of the damaged people. How much more important is it to have strength of conviction enough to act on our beliefs when dealing with those with no capacity for discernment!

It has taken almost two thousand years for Pentecost to begin to be acknowledged and acted upon. Let us not, in fear of each other, turn back to rules of righteousness and religions meant to exclude all the weak from our families and society. Let us be more patient with those who need the most outside help in maintaining boundaries, as we hold their hands and guide them with our own examples.