Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Longing to Be Let Go

You put a curse on your people, then are the hero who takes it away;
I regret that I carry the curse you put on me, even to this very day.
I struggle to be free of you, but you infected the marrow of my bones,
And with your sweet siren songs, you continue to beckon me "home".

How inspiring the great artworks that express the artists' souls;
The music and scriptures proclaim the greatest stories ever told;
The passion of my spiritual family for seeking earthly justice;
It is all of this bedrock of my spiritual journey that I miss.

It was within your walls that I first felt The Sacred Spirit,
Whispering so softly, I was the only one to hear it.
You also gave me what I needed to enable me to think;
I strain against your chains on me, but cannot break the link.

The Sacred Spirits of my siblings have died a million deaths;
Our only chance for healing was that, to us, you'd confess.
It has been far preferable to you to ruin our family name,
By denying your culpability in driving us all insane.

You demand belief in conflicting, simultaneous opinions;
Training, from birth, your "sacred" society's minions,
Demanding that we bow and kneel in front of you,
Though this was not something Jesus would ever do.

Your parish priests are prostitutes collecting a tax,
Spreading fear of hell if faithful communicants relax.
In your fancy temples, you sell the holy sacraments.
When do you intend to do your own penance?

I'd be at peace now if you had killed my physical body;
That you raped my Sacred Spirit was so much worse for me.
You've condemned your victims in your continued hubris;
I am telling you only because I was commanded to do this.

I have no hope of open dialog and reconciliation,
For you will not step down from your elevated station.
Release my soul from the vows I was forced to take,
So that I may honorably, the curse from you, forsake.

Annul your false sacraments so that I may embrace Pentecost,
And reclaim The Sacred Spirit that, in your care, I lost.
Let me go so My Sacred Spirit won't scare others away
Because they are held hostage by what your church would say.