Monday, April 8, 2013

Deborah's Sacred Spirit

Deborah is physically dead after a life of almost unbearable physical pain;
The only explanation that I can accommodate in both my faith and in my brain
Is that her beautiful manifestation of The Sacred Spirit will live on
After all creatures that were touched by her courage are long gone.

I will see Deborah's face, hands, and smile any time I remember her;
This continuation of her manifestation of The Sacred is what I prefer
To the belief some share that we wait until the coming of The Christ
Before we can join our loved ones in continuing of their life.

I don't need a preacher to tell me Deborah shared The Scared Spirit;
It wasn't her tiny voice that spoke so that all could hear it.
It was the courage she showed in making every day of her life
A celebration of being alive, not a miserable martyr's sacrifice.

I don't believe it's in the dying, but in joyful living we become whole;
These are the parts of our journeys that inspire others' souls.
When we put too much emphasis on the pain of one's life's end
We lose the eternal promise and power of what it means to be a friend.

Deborah and her special sacred spirit will always live in me,
As it did when her frail body lived, and through all eternity.
Her laughter and her voice, her scent, and her generosity
Have become, for all eternal life, parts of the best of me.

Pentecostal Prayer Day 7

A reply that I received to one of my own comments on a post from a comparative religion site led to my doing further study on Islam. It seems that early on Islam was a religion succeeding in unity and peace with other Abrahamic brothers and sisters. 
In the Koran, "God" referred to "God" as "We," not as "He." In Muhammad's day, all Abrahamic religions were under siege; they bonded as people all seeking a common code of conduct and justice in a hostile world. Their practices were different, but they lived in the harmony that only respect can achieve.
This seems to also be the way with the early Christians. It seems the “Age of Enlightenment” actually brought on more darkness. I believe EVERY age has prophets, but we perish when we promote them to worldly "kings," leading storm troopers for the purposes of "conversion."
I pray that we are experiencing a new “Pentecost” in this “new age” of religious inquiry and threats of world annihilation through war.