Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pentecost Prayer Day 28

As is the story of the elephant in a room full of blind people, the stories in what we call sacred scriptures are all based on the manifestations of The Sacred Spirit that we each see, hear, and otherwise experience. Each of us experiences every reality through our own history-colored lenses and our own available senses. We must stop persecuting those that experience life through different experiences and abilities than does our own tribe.

The pretense that we all must be and believe the same in order to belong has led to much hypocrisy and rejection. I like to think that, if I was in a group of blind people describing an elephant, I'd attempt to find a commonality that we could all share instead of siding with only one experience.

My prayer for Pentecost is that we all look for common sacred manifestations, rather than continuing to side with only one of the human tribes.