Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pentecost Prayer Day 48

Rest, Old Mother, you have done what you must do;
It is now time for those you taught to help lead you.
Don't think they don't honor you because they do differently;
They have handled things in their lives you couldn't foresee.

Just as they bowed to your knowledge when they were young,
Please listen to the songs of experience they have since sung.
They want to hold you gently as you may have done to them,
But you continue to fight them, as you would not a friend.

It is time to honor their adulthood and their life's ways;
In peace, let them care for you in your waning days.
They do have your spirit; perhaps what you don't like
Is they, like you, can also speak with your own bite.

Be gentle with them as they do the best they can;
They have the same problems as every human.
Just like a lifeguard they can't help one still fighting;
When you stop, your depression will be lightening.

You cannot change the past, so celebrate it with others.
Responsible citizens are raised, not by weak mothers.
You have been strong when they needed you; now rest.
After you're gone, the universe will still carry on your best.

The spirits of your husband and your deceased son
Remain inside your family until the universe is done.
Your spirit, too, will stay to give others strength,
When the next phase of your life is called to commence.

My prayer for Pentecost is that we learn to rest our bodies and minds as we allow our souls to impart to others our spiritual strengths.