Friday, March 1, 2013

Receiving Re-Birth

I've sat in the presence of many a friend,
Wishing that my scarred life would end.
They lent me their ears and their joy,
That I passed on to my girl and boy.

My children are grown; there are none
Who now need what I've become.
It is up to me to take my own reins,
And find the path that's been ordained.

Perhaps finding it is not to be;
Maybe it will freely find me.
Until then, I write of the everyday;
This is how I'm led to pray.

I see other's lives and am inspired,
By the energy with which they're fired.
As an observer, I like to spread
The joy by which others are led.

It's a fact of life that, as we age,
We must learn to step off-stage.
It is enough for me to observe others
Practicing being good sisters and brothers.

And the friends who are parts of my soul
Continue on in making me whole.
I live in gratitude for their presents
Of sharing with me their very essence.

My Sacred Spirit has many faces
That neither time nor distance erases.
Everyone who ever truly loved me
Remains a part of my spirit in eternity.

It is sad that also the great pain
Comes to visit again and again,
Not only my spirit, but the earth.
I pray that our chaos results in re-birth.