Monday, April 21, 2014

Why Does Peace Continue to Perish?

Did a certain god choose the Jews or did the Jews define a certain face of a god?
It seems rather obvious that they did not all agree on the same face and voice.
With Moses, the people at least attempted to agree on a book of rules,
But even that was positioned by priests as needing their special intervention.

Why can't we be comfortable with the definition of the truly human species?
When will we recognize that we can all choose to be a face and voice of eternity?
The Jews were right that we become fully human through The Sacred Spirit,
Then many set out to define their god in the images of themselves.

How foolish are we humans that we seek to shut out immense intensity
By seeing our own faces in every earthly manifestation of absolute awe.
Burning bushes, parting seas, blind men seeing, walking on water
Are actually no more miraculous than every act of true earthly compassion.

The rules of sacramental relationships have always included each other;
Worshiping a separate divinity does nothing to honor our earth.
We are made to create sacraments in our everyday existence
By being fully in the moment of each action experienced physically.

Why does each generation continue to look backward for inspiration,
Denying the sanctity of those not of their blood or their beliefs?
All around us simple life sacraments are being shared
Every time one being reaches out to another in compassion.

Every morsel that is turned to physical sacred flesh for service
Is transubstantiation of the fruits of the earth to Sacred Spirit energy.
Each person who loving gives their bodies, sweat, and blood to feeding
Is serving as a priest in the vast community of this, our only earth.

There is no Jew, Gentile, Muslim, Buddhist, male or female in Sacred Spirit
There is nothing to fear when we share compassionately with all the earth.
Listening and learning, sharing one life with the neighbor next to us or far away;
We are given the ability to choose to manifest The Sacred Spirit on earth.

Be proud of your own priesthood, as you dedicate your own flesh and blood
To seeing and helping to heal the pain of another's present and past.
Each physical entity we encounter will forever hold our Spiritual energy
It is our own choice to leave the earth greater peace or more brokenness.