Friday, March 16, 2012

Participating in Paradise

Returning to the sounds of seagulls takes me back to a magic time,
When my grandchildren, after exploring nature, onto my lap would climb.
We would sing songs of A Shepherd, and love, and other things;
We would re-imagine every item for the adventures it would bring.

We had crabs for supper, who would swim into our traps,
And the shrimp lady down the street would fill our supper gaps.
The beaches were a constant source of pretend independence,
Where our silent, watchful eyes were an ever-vigilant presence.

Oh, to be able to reclaim this lost bit of our own paradise
I would gladly long hours work, and to pay whatever the price.
There is nothing quite so wonderful as children in nature's thrall
I wish that I could share this with earth's people, one and all.