Thursday, May 30, 2013

True Church

Cruelty does not go away; it is simply passed on to others. These acts become the demons seeking to destroy The Sacred Spirit inside of ourselves. Without enough strong support for the goodness in us, we may have too many demons to fight at one time. This can lead to despair.

When we despair, it is our own personal "End Times." All the horrible predictions in Revelations visit us in our waking and our sleeping lives. All the things that gave us joy and brought us beauty suddenly look like ashes covering all the earth. We are reduced to bodies without a living spirit. Only through allowing others with intact extra spirit can we hope to survive, and yet these are the very people that most hurt our eyes and our insides. We can't stand to be in their light while in our stripped naked state. It seems to burn our very souls.

We must allow ourselves to be sheltered while we die by the "hands" of our own demons. This entails allowing the demons to finally stop eating us from the inside and have their ways with us on the surface of our lives. When we expose them to the light from which we have been sheltering them, because of our own shame in knowing they are parts of us, they will eventually burn themselves out.

Mental hospitals are not safe places, as there are few with living spirits, and many who will share their own demons which you previously didn't have. Medications simply quiet the demons while they continue to eat the spirit inside you. This is often necessary to allow you to fight one demon at a time. But who will hold you as the demons fight against their own deaths?

Avoid those who fear you or want to rush your recovery. There are many that will bring your demons out to fight. They must be strong fighters, with a strong support system themselves, or they will simply drown with you. Do not be afraid of confrontation of your demons (not confrontation of you, but of your demons) by those who have fought the same battles. They can help you to recognize the pitfalls of engagement with them. They can often show you the path to a new peace.

Surround yourself with those of strong, safe, Sacred Spirits. They will wait and watch with you. They will breathe new life into you when you stop fighting and surrender to their ministry. This is your true family, your true church.

I am blessed by many in my life who are strong demon slayers.