Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Curse of the Universe?

Do not give up my sisters whose mothers suckled me at their breasts;
I am an example of the strength to which their loving lives did attest.
I have been abused as one not fitting into my ancestral community;
Can I help but cleave to the loving spirits that were offered to me?

The womb that bore me was jealous when her breasts were dry;
She became more incensed the more my surrogate mothers tried.
Where was her understanding of Christianity as loving example,
In which the responsible compassion of our nannies was ample?

My mother had been brainwashed into a despotic religion,
Into which the example of Jesus simply led to more division.
The Roman examples of leadership came to bear on faith;
The life of joy by Jesus soon came, to his example, erase.

Generations of family values are handed down as sacred,
In which each family member stands completely naked.
The strengths of one may be seen as weakness by others,
Until the use for each talent is put to use by their mothers.

This may be the way that western civilizations have evolved.
Until all earthly problems have, by humans, been solved,
We must continue to treat all human insight as sacred scripture,
Without confining our books of the divine to traditional strictures.

There is no beginning and no end to understanding of eternity;
Those who attempt to explain are as limited as any of we.
The secret to peace on our shared planet in the vast universe
Is to look for commonalities in religions that have been given birth.

When we find the common thread that defines our humanity,
Perhaps we will succeed in creating a world that is war free.
The question imposed on our lives of constant challenging change,
Would you find peace on our earth to be unbearably strange?

Perhaps we could decrease the fear of an eternity of boredom
If we start to honor the message from which peace on earth did come.
What if we all bonded on what we each want to do in eternity?
Would we all be freed of the limits to what we all can eternally be?

What if we believed all sacred energy is shown in manifestations
In all life, including humans of all times, all colors, and all nations?
What if we believed that salvation was the ultimate universal unity
Combining again all  manifestations of The Scared Spirit of Eternity?

I believe we could preserve rituals that appeal to diverse groups
Without finding fault with the various paths to eternal truths.
Any who have parented know that the path to each child's soul
Doesn't unequivocally deny the understandings of society as a whole.

Can we agree to celebrate responsible human compassion
No matter the politics or religious rituals that are in fashion?
The earth upon which we live may be a beacon for the universe;
I, for one, don't want to be part of a civilization that was a curse.