Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sanity Is Simply Too Terrible

It seems that the only sane thing is to accept the "inevitable." Those who dare to see outside the box of recurring human errors are destined to be marked either crazy, visionaries, or miracle workers. It is amazing how many crazy people in their own time on earth are admired as saints and geniuses after they are dead.

I have long grown weary of those who look to our abusive ancestors for ways to follow their purported faiths. Isn't it time that we understand that many leaders have come for the express purpose of leading us away from our recurring human errors?

I can imagine that Moses was sent to put an end to the foolishness of offering physical goods and flesh as homage to a god outside of all earthly experience. This seems to have been the first inkling that the way to honor our origins is to take care of ourselves and others in a manner that improves responsible compassion on earth.

I am fairly certain that the reason Jesus lived and died the way he did was to carry the concept and example of responsible compassion away from the belief that it was born into people. I believe his main message to Homo sapiens is that full humanity is a choice, freely made by each individual. I believe he also meant to lay to rest the belief that there is a spiritual salvation gained by accumulating and hoarding physical things to show great virtue by offering these things as sacrifices, as we lord it over others.

When will we move past the desire to offer to gods that which is already part of the very essence of what is sacred on our earth? All we really have to offer is what we are to each experience on our earth. What we leave behind is what we have offered, both negative and positive, to all. It will all become blessed in the end; it is up to each of us to either expand the positive or to eventually completely disappear.

I accept that these thoughts must mark me as insane, but the alternative that I was taught as sanity is simply too terrible for me to bear.