Friday, August 12, 2011

No One's Freedom Is Really Free

I would gladly give up any more years,
If I felt I could give them to another.
I may even insist that they only be given
To my grandchild, child, sister, or brother.

In this life on earth, we must make choices,
Many that we really don't want to make.
In a truly moral society,
We'd make many for justice's sake.

We all have a right to our choices,
But our consequences will be born by someone.
By closing our eyes to this reality,
We, from the inevitable, continue to run.

Many march against life's injustices
Because pain of others is easiest to ignore,
Until the world's many inequities
Come knocking at our own doors.

Children are now given the right to sue
Their parents for neglect and abuse,
But without other families to take them in
Their freedoms are of little use.

We create large organizations
And fund government bureaucracies,
Convincing ourselves that these agencies
Will fill all human needs.

We don't insist that people we support
Live by the values of a just society.
We allow them to continue imposing on us
More generations of irresponsibility.

Corporate heads and government leaders
Are sheltered from liability.
Others are left to carry their burdens,
Because no one's freedom is really free.