Friday, January 13, 2012

To Disagree Without Disrespect

I had a spirited exchange with W regarding dogma and divinity;
It seems she has different biblical interpretations than me.
She said that many people find her a bit abrasive
I told her I like to talk with people who aren't evasive.
We spoke of the way things are said in the mountains
And laughed at how differently city folk pronounce things.
We agreed that different bibles have different translations,
But she rejected the idea that this opened it to interpretation.
She almost blew a gasket when I made the suggestion
That holy scripture is suffering from the bible editors' rejections.

We agreed that The Holy Spirit has forever been,
But she believes until Jesus died wasn't available to men.
While I believe that divine revelation is still being scribed,
She believes only the bible is forever alive.
We did agree that it is more important to witness by ministry
Than to speak beautiful words, but from responsibility be free.
What was so sweet and really touched my heart and soul
Was she asked me to forgive her if she hurt me with beliefs she holds.
What's to forgive? Neither of our beliefs were disrespected,
I felt a great deal of camaraderie, certainly not rejected.