Sunday, May 18, 2014

Blessing the Beyond

I wonder what it's like to feel so powerful that your prayer influences the actions of God.
It seems to me that only our earthly actions influence anything in universal eternity.
So many say that we must fear God, at the same time as they say God is love.
How can rational beings possibly believe both simultaneously about the same being?
I have no fear of those who love me, though I have deep respect for alienation.
I seek to understand those who love me, and attempt to expose my inner self to them.

Fear cancels love, growth, and faith; fear of a Father God is simply slavery.
As the seeds of humanity are planted and nurtured, so grow the children of earth.
While the feelings of full communication are awe-inspiring and sometimes overwhelming,
The need to step back, process, and internalize them isn't a sign of rejection.
I don't spend my life begging to be accepted by those in whose love I trust,
But we are taught to beg for the favor of The Sacred Spirit that lives in all.

I simply don't understand how this promise, petition, and otherworldly gratitude works.
Why send energy to a heavenly god that can be better utilized here on our own earth?
I'd rather spend my life looking with love into another's eyes that on my knees in worship.
It seems to me we'd be incapable of fear or hatred, if we saw our every action as a prayer.
Baptism in water comes first in the womb; the The Sacred Spirit comes through shared love.
Can we ever become fully human when deprived of the true foods of The Sacred Spirit?

Entering into each other gives our own bit of The Sacred Spirit true eternal life;
It is in the ebb and flow of this sharing that we consecrate each other's lives.
This begins with the birth of a baby opening eyes to pure parental devotion,
And is carried forward to be shared with all the child encounters on the earth.
How sad it is for those babies born into the eyes of hatred and fear,
As their parents curse the very breath and blood in their small bodies.

The act of impregnation can be either an act of Sacred Energy and communion,
Or it can be the planting of new seeds of loathing for The Sacred Spirit on earth.
Will we ever stop hatred in humanity until we stop forcing women to breed?
Can The Sacred Spirit be resuscitated in a soul so scarred by a curse at birth?
Only those with open ears and eyes to love completely and fiercely
Have a hope of overcoming the deficits of hope, and heal human society.

Hearing, seeing, feeding, holding, wiping away tears and calming fears;
These are actions that infuse The Sacred Spirit into any animal on earth.
When we persecute others, we pervert the power of The Sacred Spirit;
No amount of prayers will rescue us from this hell of our own creation.
Help heal the earth by seeing someone in pain, and looking the person in the eyes,
Offering nothing but your open soul to absorb and transform pain to peace.

Even death won't frighten those who know their energy lives in another,
Whether they absorbed another's heaven or hell while physically on earth.
The cycle of The Sacred Spirit will eventually balance in eternity,
If we each concentrate on actions of healing communion with the universe.
Hold the hands of those who are fearful, allowing them the chance to speak;
With eyes, ears and heart, assure that you carry forward The Sacred Spirit of their lives.