Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pentecostal Prayer Day 23

Do you know your mother was sent to live with others; the most sacred thing to her was to keep her family under one roof?
Do you know that your toddler mother lost her father; her mother spent her life doing penance; his death, of her sin, proof?

Do you know that your father killed fathers of foreign children, and he was never able to erase that image from his mind's eye?
Do you know that childish human frailty was persecuted by our own parents and church, no matter how diligently a child tried?

Do you know that religion has wrought more recriminations than all the family feuds in history, combined,
Promoting blame, shame, ridicule, recriminations, tribal war, and territorial greed destroying all humankind?

Until we allow men at home smelling, soothing, teaching and testing their own babies, they will never know
The truthful imperative that only creating peace on earth will allow a universal community of faith family to grow.

My Pentecost prayer is one for respect for the past while we move on to greater informed, individual freedom,
To connect directly with The Sacred Spirit that will allow us to fully responsible, compassionate humans become.