Monday, September 30, 2013

For All Eternity

Today would be my daddy's eighty-eighth birthday; he died deeply lonely and frustrated with the world. It was because his soul cried out for a deeper spiritual connection than he could make in his physical form on this earth. I have lived a longer life than he did, but I have apparently inherited this lonesome longing. I often wish that this physical manifestation of my life could be over. If only I could strip emotion from my sense of The Sacred Spirit, I am sure that I would feel more functional in a meaningful manner. Is there a way to open up to awe without opening up emotionally?

This seems to be the question raised in all attempts to define The Sacred Spirit throughout human history. How much of the sacred can we stand to see in our own individual physically defined and limited lives?  To become fully one with The Sacred Spirit as is manifest in the eternal energy of the universe is the longing of life on earth, but can only become fully realized after we are made manifest in a different ideation of energy.

We can attempt to connect all our spiritual energy with others on earth, but there are many who pull energy from others without any ability or intention to put energy back into earth's atmosphere. When The Sacred Spirit is drained from us by others, we must take time to rejuvenate this energy. Very few will sit with a person who is dying, physically or emotionally, without attempting to distract the one dying and themselves from the great energy exchange that is taking place. Cheering another up is not the same as giving over some of one's own quantity of The Sacred Spirit.

What empty foolishness it seems to me to have people pray for and lay hands on someone who is drained of The Sacred Spirit, rather than to hold the person in one's arms and physically breathe the spirit into the person. Physical ministry to the physical manifestations of The Sacred Spirit are what heals the earth, but these are the efforts that we least appreciate and reward on earth. Even the ministering angels on earth need to eat.

To attempt to use incantations and prayers to obtain what will make the priests and participants feel more powerful is to take away the process of suckling at the level of The Sacred Spirit. When a person simply sits with a dying person and allows them to take what they need, this is the true value of community. "This is my body; this is my blood" is a call to allow The Sacred Spirit of one on earth to absorb The Sacred Spirit of another into one's own physical manifestation in the eternal universe.

When we truly love another as we love ourselves, we will freely offer a part of our own manifestation of The Sacred Spirit to another, realizing that, on an eternal basis, all manifestations of The Sacred Spirit are one with the universe for all eternity.

The religion that both my parents embraced discouraged sharing the physical side of The Sacred Spirit on earth without the intercession of a priest. When my sense of The Sacred Spirit inside myself is waning, I don't need a priest, I need the energy transferred to me through the sounds, scents, arms and eyes of my people. My mother and her mother may have been right; I may be a heathen, after all.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Manifestation of The Sacred Spirit

United Statesby Y  |  September 18, 2013 at 9:16 AM

My manifestation of The Sacred Spirit is an aura of energy pulsating within an endless loop filled with soft light. When I am inside this loop, I feel totally peaceful, like I imagine a baby must feel in a peaceful womb. I can create this aura whenever I want to because it is what I call the "twilight" between my waking and sleeping states. I often lie in bed for many minutes after I become aware that I am waking, simply to stay with this "floating" feeling. This is what I imagine my death will feel.
I feel and see all the events and people who have been with me in my life while my body is in these states. Some of them are within this pulsating energy field and some scare me with their anger and fears outside the sphere. The anger, fear, and sadness I experience is always a repeat of a disconnect between my spirit and that person's spirit in my own waking life. Some of the people are still physically alive and some are no longer in their physical bodies on earth, but their spirits are very alive to me in my semi-conscious state.
There are many relationships from which I've had to walk away in order not to have my spirit sucked out of me and destroyed. These relationships often visit me in my twilight and sleeping states. I know that any energy that I shared with another, whether positive or negative, stays with that other for all eternity, as does their energy stay eternally within me. I have learned that many of these relationships may not be healed in my physical lifetime, just as they were not healed in the lifetime of the estranged loved one.
My fear of the negative energy presenting itself while I am in my twilight and sleeping states has lessened now that I understand that my life energy will simply go back into the pool of all life energy. I no longer yearn for peace with each personal spirit; I concentrate on gathering and projecting as much positive energy as I can wherever I go and with whomever I encounter. I feel many times that the spirits who have been hounding me in my sleep are somehow soaking up some of this positive and it will help their angers and fears to subside. Maybe one night or early morning, I'll experience them fully within the circle.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

We Will Not Use Our Wombs to Fill More Tombs

I have been having discussions about responsible sexuality since I became sixteen years old and my future mother-in-law (a registered nurse) sent me to a gynecologist to put me on birth control pills. She knew that I planned to marry her adult, employed son as soon as I graduated from high school, and she wanted to make sure that my graduation took place before I became pregnant. Sadly, she died before we produced her first grandchild, but I am eternally grateful for her wise action.
In my religious school and family upbringing, the only thing we were told repeatedly is that sex without marriage was a sin. There was no attention paid to the fact that marriage is not a magic spell that produces resources for childcare. In many marriages, the spouses are simply encouraged to remain children as they produce more children. This may have worked well in farm families who saw their children as extra field hands and household help, but it is past time that we rethink the purposes of human sexuality.
We have been taught that our own immortality is based on procreation, and with high mother and child mortality, we are afraid of not passing on our own genetics. We aren’t taught to stop and think about the welfare of our children, even when we know that our genetics may be passing on deadly and debilitating diseases. We also aren’t taught to pay attention to the types of parenting partnerships we are forming. Two people without the resources to take care of themselves don’t magically become productive in human society because they have produced offspring.
The animal instinct to reproduce is built into us, but we are taught that humans can channel and control our animal instincts. In our technological societies, there is less need for human manual labor, but we continue to produce children who will be disrespected as slaves or sent into battle to win territory and other resources for the most vicious animals in human forms. Better maternal and infant healthcare has made it possible to hope that all of one’s offspring will survive into adulthood, so there is less need to fear loss of our children.
There is less manual labor to do and more people than are necessary to do it. Whenever there is a surplus of anything, including humans, the value of each “unit” goes down. Why do we continue allowing despotic leaders to convince us that the only value for a virtuous woman is in accepting their seed and those of their minions and ministering to them and their progeny? Our brains, not only our bodies, are meant to be fruitful, share, and multiply our sacred energy, with or without union with a man.
I know that our fertile bodies cry out for procreation, but there is a difference between motherhood in an animal sense and human nurture. What other animal takes over 18 years to train their offspring for their individual survival? This is a commitment that takes, not only a mother, but also responsible, committed parenting partners within a greater committed community.
How is it that we don’t see unwanted, unplanned children as the victims in our irresponsible procreative habits? There are ways to stop this desecration of full humanity with the advent of better and more effective, temporary forms of conception control. Several of these methods are now virtually undetectable, in that they are injected. Some of them prevent pregnancy for several years at a time. Some are even effective after unplanned sex and simply prevent the fertilization of the egg to occur.
Rape is simply another way to dis-empower a female. The rape does not have to destroy a woman, but the results will always be permanent if the girl or woman is impregnated. In areas where rape is endemic, implants could be used to protect the girls and women until they are ready to support themselves and make their own informed choices. At the very least, morning after pills should be freely distributed to the girls and women in the areas.
I am not advocating that we women stop having sex in our responsible, committed relationships. I believe that responsible, compassionate sexuality is an avenue to peace between people and an avenue for couples to increase their sacred energy to a point that they simply must share this energy with others.
I am imploring all women, for the sake of responsible compassion for all innocent children, all over the earth, to empower ourselves with ways to support ourselves and realize our full human potential, other than as wombs and nursemaids, before we bring babies into the world to become slaves and soldiers for those who despise them.
Toni Morrison wrote a powerful book, Beloved, about the dilemma a slave mother faced upon learning she was pregnant and the terrible decision she made to “protect” her child. I weep simply thinking about her solution, but I understand, as a mother, why she chose to take her own child’s life rather than be forced to bear witness to her child being treated as less than a fully human being. We now have better solutions in the form of conception control.
We will not use our wombs to fill more tombs.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

War of Words

Is fear the same as awe? I know they sometimes feel the same, but I find fear to be paralyzing and awe to empower me. Both take my breath away when I initially encounter them, but fear causes me to want to fight or flee. Awe inspires me to incorporate the energy that it presents into my own spirit. I bring this up because the nuances in word meanings differ among cultures and languages, and how we translate and interpret the words can make the difference between war and peace.
Little boys are taught, from very early in life, not to show fear. They are pulled from their mothers' arms and from behind their mothers' skirts to spar with men who often bully them. They learn to turn all emotion into energy to fight. Little girls often start out as tough warriors, but are told that they must allow the men to protect them, even when the men who are to protect them are actually those who are their greatest danger. Women are taught that it is not womanly to be unafraid of the men in our midst.
These traditions have caused men to seek more and more power through control of excess energy and imposing fear on us that they will unleash it if we displease them. Our earthly manifestations of Sacred Spirit (energy) are shackled by imposed fear and the belief that only a few can control it. I think much of this comes from either a wrong translation or a misinterpretation of "sacred" scriptures.
We, in my culture of Judeo-Christianity, are taught to "fear" God, and to repeatedly offer sacrifices to appease "Him." My experience with fear is that, when we are no match for those that we fear, we hide ourselves from the one feared. What if we substitute the word "awe" for the word "fear"? Wouldn't we be more prone to opening ourselves to incorporating light and love than to hiding ourselves and our sins in a dark hiding place where we lose the ability to face even ourselves honestly?
I have been both cooled and warmed by the winds and water.This same wind and water power can be harvested to create energy for appliances that take the burdens of my work off of me. I am in awe of the power of this wind and water that soothes, saves me from back-breaking labor, and destroyed my home and neighborhood in Hurricane Katrina. This does not take away my desire to live in the lap of the lake that took my home. Though I have taken measures to accommodate to the greatest force of this power, I do not live in fear of it. I am still in awe of its beauty and power.
I pray that we stop fighting our awe and convert it to Spiritual energy that will lighten the load of pain and promote peace.

Saturday, September 7, 2013


A poem for “Children in Syria's bloody cold beach”

In that bloody cold beach of Syria’s uprising,
Are children with dashed hopes.
Children whose parents are swallowed up
by the ocean of mass graves.
Graves which never fill up as the violent intolerant winds
of gunfire and rocket shelling continually blow.
Their eyes look up for help
from the gloomy clouds of an international Community.
As the doctor, father and leader
Walk cross the bloody cold beach sanded with
The bodies of children whose brief lives
Could only last as long as months.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Stop the Sin with Syria

United Statesby Y  |  September 4, 2013 at 9:46 AM
I am enraged by the words of Pope Francis in addressing the issue of whether war should be waged by my country against Syria. What he says is true, that war simply begets more war, but his words have no real power without his confession of the sins of his church in beginning and supporting wars. Would so many early Christians have followed Paul if he had not publicly confessed his own sins?
It is hypocrisy to pretend that we are doing something productive when we are told to hide under our beds and pray and fast. The pope and his cardinals have been hiding behind their comfortable castle walls in the church state of the Vatican for too many generations and too many wars. They must have the courage shown by Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King in leading legions of Christians out into the statehouses and other halls of government, and refusing to allow politicians to kill even one more innocent child.
We are told that the sins of the father are passed on for five generations. We MUST stop the cycles of the sins of war to STOP NOW, in our generation.