Friday, November 1, 2013

Hoping for Full Humanity

Our efforts should not be about silencing our sons;
It is not only women who have been silenced by society
We should be about teaching our sons their own voices,
But boys are told those with forethought aren't manly.

Those who have set themselves up as priests and prophets
Have stolen the voices of the humblest family man.
The wives have been lulled by pastoral sweetness,
As their husbands work as hard as they can.

"Give us the breadwinners' hard-earned money;
We will use it as sacrifice to the jealous gods.
Manna will surely fall from the heavens,
If on the path we lay out you commit to trod.

We are the intermediaries, without whom you're damned.
Demanding nothing from you, in the form of remuneration.
God, without man, will provide all your family needs;
We substitutes for your husbands offer salvation.

It is arrogance to honor accomplishments of man;
Only "God" can offer anything worth having on earth.
Only the learned can approach the Great Power,
And, of them, we continue creating a dearth."

We must honor the sweat, the blood, and the flesh
Of those making physical presence on earth possible.
There are so many talents proclaiming The Sacred Spirit
In which full human potential is most bountiful.

The arrogance is in relegating those who nurture and serve
To the lowest rungs of income and honored human dignity.
Giving over the power to those promoting mortal fear
In al who with them dare to disagree

I sang this song to my sacred son hoping to keep open his heart:

Talk; talk, My Baby;
It's okay to talk,
When you're wondering, when you're knowing,
It's okay to talk.

Sing, sing, My Baby;
It's okay to sing.
When you're joyful, when you're saddened,
It's okay to sing.

Laugh; laugh, My baby;
It's okay to laugh.
When you're joyful, when you're funny,
It's okay to laugh.

Love; love, My baby;
It's okay to love.
When you're feeling soft and so warm,
It's okay to love.

Cry, cry, My baby;
It's okay to cry.
When you're hurting, when you're grieving,
It's okay to cry.

It worked for many years with me and all around him. He was such a precious one, who charmed all with his wide-open acceptance. He is now pressured by many in his circle, and his own shame at being a "mama's boy", to be angry with his "feminine side."

I have been rejected, and can no longer see the children of my son. I pray every day that our society will take the stigma off of each human being balanced between our "masculine" and "feminine" selves.