Monday, August 18, 2014

An Earth Fit For Eternity

I believe the lack of religion in so many is a necessary step in allowing The Sacred Spirit to resurface from the roots, which originate long before Genesis, and even longer before Jesus. We must graft ourselves and our families directly to the source of life, without any intermediaries pretending to produce a better path (or stronger plant).

What we are currently calling "Christianity," I see as being so wrong for so long that the only way to save the root is to cut the vine completely down to the ground and allow new sprouts to form. Too much bad has been grafted onto the strong, pure root stock to produce pure fruit of The Sacred Spirit. When we are wrong for so many generations, it is difficult to get back to our original roots. There is none of the true vine left; it has been poisoned by too much sweet sympathy masquerading as committed, responsible compassion.

When Jesus walked the earth, he was not a preacher in a mega church, nor was he a high priest performing every manner of ritualistic sacrifice. He was a joyful Jew who walked with family and friends, following in the footsteps of generations of very faithful Jews. Where did that Jesus go? How did religion turn the great love that Jesus had for his friends, causing him to accept death at the hands of those jealous of his influence, into a pagan blood ritual to appease an equally jealous, vengeful "God?" How did religion turn an intimate sacred supper with friends and family into a sterile stage play, with so much ceremony masquerading as sacred, soulful communion among a committed community?

When faith moved out of the homes and neighborhoods, it lost the ways of what Jesus radiated, a pureness of Sacred Spirit that made others so angry that they killed him in order to stop seeing his light. As with all truly great people, The Spirit of Jesus had already inflamed all that he encountered. No amount of torture, or even physical death, could dim this in those others. His roots had been growing for so many generations that the vine would continue to come back, no matter what was done to it.

When those who sought spiritual power "converted" others with threats of torture and death, sprouts of poison were grafted onto The Sacred Spirit's root. The vine has rotted from the inside out. The fruit is now poisoned. The "Holy" Roman Empire has poisoned the soil from which Jesus came, and has fed too many generations with their sweet tasting poison. It is time for all people of faith in The Sacred Spirit available to all humanity to repudiate the religion formed in  all unholy alliances of church and state. It is time to reclaim the roots of our ancestral Sacred Spirit, and share it as it was meant to be shared, one earthly entity to another.

I believe that Moses came from this stock, as did others who have sought to take others on the path to the full humanity of responsible, committed compassion, which takes many years to form in one person. It takes centuries to form in a community of people. We have made The Most Sacred Spirit into our own images, and have created a culture of jealousy and greed. Only by going back to The Base will we create an earth that is fit for eternity.