Friday, March 22, 2013

Are All Anointed?

If "Christianity" is to be true, we must go back to the beginning,
Before Jesus was seen as the only way to cure sinning.
The Christ is an anointed one in religion, it is true;
In the history of the universe, could there be more than a few?

The early "Christians" were not angry competing crusaders,
But, through violence, they were overshadowed by invaders.
Fear of physical death has led to much false religion;
Martyrdom for a cause is not an easy decision.

It is especially difficult to see our babies tortured and slain,
When we're afraid that only the angry and hate-filled will remain.
How many have been anointed to show us a way to peace?
In recent generations, this passion seems to have increased.

Moses was an anointed leader who put down his sword,
Uniting his people with only the power of the word.
Jesus showed the Jews that salvation wasn't through blood;
It was a choice to follow in a path of peace and good.

The apostles decided that gentiles could be tamed
If only they would bow to their savior's holy name.
But the true "Christians" were converting by simply being,
So others would want the joy that they were seeing.

But "Christianity" bowed to Constantine to move forward;
It became not about acts and about the creed's words.
The message Jewish Jesus lived by was not new;
The Sacred Spirit has existed since the first winds blew.

The Sacred Spirit leads humanity to choose justice;
There is enough for all, if we only learn to trust this.
Buddha may have been an sacredly anointed one,
And Krishna may have been The Sacred Spirit's son.

Isn't it also true, from the Jewish perspective,
Acceptance of The Sacred Spirit is humanity's elective?
Was Gandhi an anointed one to lead a nation to peace?
And was MLK anointed to, our nation's unity, increase?

It is not about any one soul in any one generation;
It is about connecting all paths to the unity of nations.
Only joyful community living of compassionate purpose
Will take the place of violently competing discourse.

Only when religions go back to paths of peace on earth
Will humans honor the reason for which we're given birth.
Animals live in fear of losing territory and of starvation;
Humans can choose to share strengths with all nations.

We continue to live contrary to what we say we believe
Because we, by those who lead by fear, have been deceived.
Look for The Sacred Spirit in each person's eyes
And you may find, beneath the anger, fear in disguise.

We have been shown that the power of unity in peace
Is a proven way for The Sacred Spirit to increase.
Silence those preaching future hell fire and damnation;
They have made hell on earth in all "Christian" nations.

The spirit of all the anointed ones lives on in humanity;
We can follow the light of any one that we can see.
The light of peace burns brighter than any explosion;
Only responsible compassionate living can stop its erosion.