Friday, February 17, 2012

Cleaning, Cooking, and Creation

It is really dangerous when I begin to clean;
I almost always overdo almost everything.
My daughter's family's coming for a short while;
I usually try to create an ambiance to make them smile.

This time I really did it, and it's not so very good;
I maybe cleaned a bit more aggressively than I should.
I wanted to present a tidy and clean home,
But I seem to have cleaned away the bathroom chrome.

There is nothing I can do to reverse this effect;
Now the bathroom looks like its suffering from neglect.
Perhaps I should stick to cooking; I'm supposed to bake
Our twelve-year-old granddaughter's cookie birthday cake.

My favorite thing in life to see, the thing that most pleases me
Is seeing my grandchildren together, and happy to be.
I think The Almighty must feel the same way,
That heaven will be when we all are home to stay.

And I believe that heaven begins here on earth,
With every person who was ever given birth.
We must look for the light in each others eyes;
For each of us are parts of The Almighty in disguise.