Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sharing Our Secrets

FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 2013

Hearing the Voice of God - by Gayle Nolan

 We can have confidence in what we are experiencing because it has already been revealed in Scripture. ( -- from yesterday's entry)
I realize that there is some kind of glitch in blogspot that prevents people from responding to the blogs.  Up until very recently, I have not been able to respond to people who responded, because I was told that I did not 'have access to this site.'  But the last time I tried, a couple of months ago, I was successful in posting a response.  I know 'they,' whoever 'they' are, have been working to improve blogspot.
So today, I am going to pose a question for reflection.  Whoever wants to respond may do so:
How does the Spirit of God speak to you?
When do you tend to 'hear' Him?
How does He guide you?
This is the same question posed three different ways, so anyone is free to answer just one or all three. I wish there were a way to have answers posted as part of the blog itself instead of just as a response, but we'll see how this works.  If anyone wants to reflect in the e-mail format, I'll cut and paste the responses tomorrow.             

From Y:
From my point of view, these are questions worth answering. I felt free to call the spirit that infiltrates my being when I'm not "thinking" The Sacred Spirit. I don't think Gayle will take offense if you don't call your inner voice "God." Sometimes my voice sounds like my son or daughter, sometimes like my daddy, sometimes like Gayle, sometimes like the halyards on the sailboats in the harbor, sometimes like the seagulls, etc...