Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Finding Family

You have spoken of your frustration that I am unable to accept your vision;
How I experience The Sacred in my life was not my conscious decision.
I cannot pretend that I see truth only in The Triun "God" and in no other;
You see your parents in different lights than do your sisters and brothers.

Does this difference of manifestation mean you aren't related as family?
What you lived with your parents, siblings weren't always around to see.
I've been comfortable all my life in accepting eternal magic in mysteries
Miracles happening all around me, I would save as bubbles of memories.

I can't not experience The Sacred as the smell of new-mown grass,
Or in the prisms of color bouncing off the lake onto plain window glass.
Is there anything more sacred than the look in a vulnerable lover's eyes,
Or the sound of a small baby's laughter, when caught by happy surprise?

The awe that I feel in observing the stars, when there is no other light,
Fills me with a feeling of The Sacred so great, it feels almost like fright.
The time just before and after sleep bring all my loved ones back to me,
In waking dreams so real, they're surely The Sacred Spirit that I see.

I have lost so much to the jealous, vengeful god of my ancestry
Is it any wonder I seek, from this god's sight, to become free?
I am aware of the story that this was the sin of Adam and Eve,
Who did not, in the mercy of their creator-god, believe.

I'm also aware that this is followed by tales of centuries of wrath,
And the birth of a son-god who must suffer for his ancestors' past.
None of these stories are consistent with my belief in awe, not fear,
In manifestations of the mysteries of The Sacred Spirit made clear.

I would like you to understand that I don't choose to be afraid;
I still suffer from things about your god, that to me, as a child, were said.
I've spent years studying and have found that I'm not the only one
Who felt no option, but from fear-fueled religions and gods, to run.

There have been many damning things spread about humanism;
That non-religious humans embody The Sacred meets with derision.
This, from the people who profess that humans are the image of God;
Are they now saying that their first premise of sacred human is flawed?

The Sacred Spirit is accepted as a friend by every small child,
Until shame is introduced and the child's natural faith is reviled.
The pretensions at understanding and limiting what my child saw
Has led me to live, many years, in religious hell's destructive maw.

I had no choice, for survival, but to go back to my baby faith;
This is where, through neglect and abuse, I continued to find grace.
I can't stop feeling betrayed when you hide behind your god's sword,
Not caring I'll be left behind in your interpretation of his word.

How can a mother, sister, or friend accept an eternity of hell
For those they say the love, while on a common earth, we dwell?
How can you continue to accept communion with those
Who have, my inclusion in your family of faith, disposed?

How can you continue to turn a blind eye to my abuses?
Why is it, for my abusers, not I, you make your excuses?
By their fruits ye shall know them; the "Christian" church is rot.
The Sacred Spirit is not their root, and the vine they forgot.

I may grieve forever that I have lost so much human family,
But I could not continue to live in such a state of hypocrisy.
Pain can be purifying when it is not inflicted by others;
Shared joy and suffering is the bond of sisters and brothers.

Those who lock themselves away and suffer only with god,
Gratitude is for god, not toward friends who, with them, plod,
These are not the people who understand being fully human;
As a flawed and vulnerable human, I cannot be their friend.

They seem to want to remain around only those who fear;
Away from those with too much laughter, they continue to steer.
I could not have survived the losses inflicted by their savior,
If I didn't also participate in wildly celebratory human behavior.

I am sorry that your piety includes no raging emotional storms.
I did not, with my emotions and beliefs, intend to do you harm.
I could no longer stay quiet as you embrace those who harm me.
It grieves me that, once more, I find myself looking for new family.

The greatest grief is in my realization that we can never share our most Sacred Spirits;
Unless my manifestations agree with religious dogma, you seem unable to hear it.
The Sacred Spirit existed before Jews began to seek common spiritual ground.
Are we to deny all earthly manifestations, before their religious path was found?

I do adhere to the belief that this was a core message of Jesus,
That community bonding, not on blood, but shared faith, is a must.
I've laughed at so much loss, but I now must openly confess,
I had so hoped I would find a final family home before death.

Monday, February 24, 2014

My Current Creed

The proof I need that Hitler represented pure evil is, not only in recounting his actions, but in knowing that he left nobody on earth to positively embody his spirit. His niece, that he so evilly manipulated, should probably be honored as a martyr because she was so symptomatic of the proofs of pure evil in the universe (which of course, in our human experience, includes earth).

I am so tired of the sentimental excuses made for those who sap the spirit out of sacred innocence on earth. We have been perverted by psychologists and others, who make their livings pretending to cure the evil in others, to believe that those who create hell on earth should be forgiven, not only their "original sin" as prescribed by the power-happy religions, but the sins they choose to perpetrate on the vulnerable who have nothing but The Sacred in their spirits.

I have heard all their excuses; the worst being that people with low self-esteem abuse others. This may be true, but it is the ones with too high an opinion of themselves (narcissists)  that are most effective at usurping innocence and immortalizing evil.

Humans have been programmed by bullies to believe that we all need protectors against forces that only the abusers claim to understand. Of course, only they understand the beings that they create. Kings and other monarchs, witches, shamans, priests, "pastors," pundits, and politicians study the weaknesses of their followers, in order to create their own powerful protectorates for the people who are vulnerable and ignorant of the evil intentions of their 'loving" leaders. These leaders restrict what is allowed in order to belong to their communities, so that they hold complete control over the thoughts and actions of all members of their tribes.

Here is my current creed:
I believe that all humans with normal frontal lobe brain function are responsible for their actions. This is often referred to as "free will." This can now be objectively tested with PET scans.
I believe that many are not capable of judgement and/or impulse control, because of youth or lack of advanced brain function. Those without this ability are the most vulnerable members of human society. These people are most susceptible to manipulation through using fear to trigger return to less-evolved animal instinct. Only these people should be held as not responsible for their actions. It is for this reason that those who have been programmed toward evil present a greater danger to society, and should, thus, be kept in a state of living that minimizes any expectation of them for individual judgement or control of actions. The ideal of this would be effective, responsibly compassionate societal support for those who continue caring for them.
I reject any belief system based on fear, because my brain is capable of more than less-evolved animal instinct.
I reject any system based on a win-lose competitive construct because this perpetuates fear, anger, hatred, and war.
I reject any belief and/or action system based on ancient rules of community, ignoring modern scientific and experiential data.
I reject the notion that there are any limits to the physical, and other, manifestations of awe (The Sacred).
I reject any entity that promotes power through defining The Sacred and acting as arbiters and emissaries required to embrace the same.
I worship nothing, as any being demanding anything is certainly not all-powerful.
I reject the notion that any human(s) can affect the course of action inherent in The Sacred Spirit, as this would reflect that the universe is a reflection of less than all-powerful, all-knowing manifestations of sacred energy.
I will seek the sacred in all that contains it, and will also see that which is soaking up the power of the sacred from the innocence of others.
I will do all in my power to stop those who abuse innocence, even to giving my own flesh and blood body over to this mission.
I will not rest until the death of my physical body, or the annihilation of all those in perverse power, by virtue of sapping sacred spirituality from others.
I will peacefully die before my mission is completed, as long as I know I have passed the baton of belief-in-just-action on to others who share my final vision.
I believe that the difference between motivation and manipulation is simple. Motivation is for the growth of the motivated; manipulation benefits the manipulator.
What humans create on earth is the home in which our disembodied spirits will eternally exist.
All humanity sinks or swims together.
All energy we each manifest and share on earth, we will be bound to for eternity, or until other spirits that we impacted on earth balance our own evil energy.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Will We Leave Positive Power?

I wonder how much of Alzheimer's disease is an attempt to forget
The many monstrously horrible events that, in our lives, we met.
Do we somehow, passively, choose to return to being babies,
Forgiven all our actions because we're victims of a disease?

It seems to me that disease has replaced the concept of evil;
There are no longer any humans, for our actions, responsible.
Hitler had a bad childhood which led him to hate and kill others;
All evil actions of humanity are now blamed on fathers and mothers.

What a mess we've made of attempting to create "Christianity."
The acceptance of evil was something from which Jesus was free.
He forgave all those who came to him, with a direct command,
"Go in peace; I forgive you; stop hurting my family of humans."

We seem to have missed the part that commands us to confess,
Not to a priest, but to those against whom we've transgressed.
We were told not to take our problems to the secular courts,
But this is the first avenue of justice to which we resort.

"Christianity" has been a mockery of Jesus since Constantine,
The time when the Roman Catholic Church pope became a king.
All the religions clinging to the pope, while protesting his words,
Interpreted the true teachings of Jesus in a manner that's absurd.

The Sacred Spirit that is the earth and all physical manifestations
Has been diminished in all human-centered stories of creation.
The only way I can begin to be in awe of what is mysterious,
Is by not accepting human limits of the sacred as serious.

I don't believe in gods because they are simply greedy beings;
This is not the nature of The Sacred Spirit that I'm seeing.
That which I experience as sacred, in my pre-conscious time,
Cannot be described, because the eternal aura is so sublime.

Awe often feels like fear, so many feel, this Spirit, they should adore;
I understand those who accept Spirit manifestations as metaphor.
What I will not do is accept that there are those with special power
Who are emissaries of The Sacred, in whose presence I should cower.

Those who teach that babies are born wrapped in ancestral sin
Are seeking to control the minds and hearts of the family human.
They destroy the sense of parental partnership responsibility,
Pretending parents' homes can be replaced by religious community.

Family is the core of all community relationships in history;
Parents as partners is how humanity comes to be.
Pretending that virgin births are superior to bloody humanity,
We've created a world that is, from human hope, free.

There is no life born bearing an ancient ancestral curse;
We are all born perfect in the vastness of the universe.
All physical life is simply manifestations of energy,
In an ever-changing universe that is, from death, free.

Energy flows in many forms, eternally dividing and uniting;
This is the mystery of life that we should find most exciting.
Each human can choose whether to guide our energy to life,
Or to guide our energy toward life-destroying sacrifice.

I choose to believe in the restorative power of celebration;
This seems to conflict with the "Christian" notion of salvation.
I believe we create heaven or hell while here on our earth;
We choose to leave positive or negative balance in the universe.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Real, Not Roman, Catholics

It has been amazing to me that, throughout my life, no matter where I live, the women with whom I've had the closest friendships with have turned out to be Roman Catholicism-based. Very few of them have been "practicing" Catholics, but their missions to always seek to do good in their communities seemed to come from the marrow of their bones. I can only attribute this to their Roman Catholic educations.

I lived in the Bible belt, more than once, in order to escape the seething spirituality and accompanying misogeny of New Orleans. This didn't work for me, as it only led to different religious rituals, all incorporating varying degrees of female falsehoods. I'm back home in Louisiana, with all the women who could have been burned as witches a couple of centuries ago. Maybe the reason I can stay is that, instead of burning New Orleans' most famous voo-doo priestess, the bishop in New Orleans allowed her to recreate her rituals in the cathedral courtyard. This seems consistent with most of the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" flavor of the area.

For the last two days I have basked in the women who have most greatly impacted who I am. I have had lively arguments with some and great guffaws with others, but they have all been spirited, both online and in person. Women who grow up believing in other women giving birth to "gods" don't tend to be wimpy women. They do, however, often take their own and shared strength for granted and forget that without the "gods," they wouldn't be looked upon with such worship.

I had sworn off most women several years ago because they all seemed to be either bullies or whiners, even though they were often sneaky about both. Encouraged by a young woman named Laura of Women of Spirit and Faith, whom I had never met, I attended a conference of women sharing their different paths to, and personally experienced manifestations of, The Sacred Spirit. I made friends and enemies there, and I feel fine about both. I no longer feel the need to have everyone like or even accept me.

Because of this group of women, I decided to come home and create my own interfaith group. I put out invitations to many, but the ones who responded and attended are all cradle Roman Catholic women, none of them "practicing." What seems to bind all of us is an effort to define our places in the arena of worldwide social justice. As good little catholic kids, we had been taught that "catholic" means universal; I guess we are taking this literally.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Damned by My Memories?

It is no wonder that religion is so easy for those who accept that "God" is a male
Males aren't the parent with infinite patience and persistence in morality tales.
Males simply allow their darlings to climb into their laps for a quick laugh,
And send the children off to be tended by the mother and domestic staff.

How often do fathers ground their children without a second thought?
It's not their own imprisonment, with the child, that the sentence brought.
It is easy for lord and master gods to proclaim their "just" punishments,
Leaving the anger toward their authority to, on the "help," be spent.

How I have learned to fear and hate the "God" of Abraham?
This "God" has no relationship to my visions of the eternal I AM.
How did humans come from believing we're manifestations of divinity,
To believe the best of humans was born to appease this father's jealousy?

If this is the vision I must embrace of the father of our universe,
I accept the religious notion that my eternal future is cursed.
What my children are, and what they pass on to their progeny,
I have made every attempt to be separated from my eternal destiny.

My great hope is that I will leave this earth a more positive place,
Though I have not been able, through my offspring, to pass grace.
There are others that I have encountered that I did not threaten
With being eternally influenced by my intrinsic occasions of sin.

My vision of eternal life is balance between gestation and action;
This vision doesn't give competitive individuals much satisfaction.
In order for them to feel they've succeeded, some have to lose;
When will the majority of humanity, of this notion be disabused?

I do not believe in gods, though I do believe in eternal spirits.
I believe those that I once loved whisper, so only I can hear it.
Does this mean that they, and I, are in heaven or in hell?
I don't believe it is for anyone on earth to be able to tell.

Every faint spark of positive energy left with me by them,
Is, by their often tortured spirits, left for me to defend.
Let priests, prophets, shamans and witches lead with fear;
I will not condemn those memories that I hold most dear.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Salaam, Shalom, and Peace Be Upon Us All

Full Definition of RELIGION

a :  the state of a religious <a nun in her 20th year ofreligion>
(1) :  the service and worship of God or the supernatural(2) :  commitment or devotion to religious faith or observance
:  a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices
The only definition that loosely applies to me is the second one, not in the personal, but in the community, sense. I don't have any use for "gods" and their capricious, jealous, vengeful ways. I do, however, have much respect for communities, built over many generations, of shared attitudes, beliefs, and practices. Maybe this makes me an atheist. Whatever...
As I believe Jesus exemplified, I think the best way to spread responsible compassion is to invite all to a feast where everyone contributes something. Nobody will ever convince me that pot-luck isn't the way Jesus fed the multitudes who came to hear his stories. He obviously got this hint from his Jewish mother, "Feed them and they will listen to you, but don't think you can satisfy all their special needs. Make it pot-luck, and don't charge admission. Those who don't feed us can clean up the mess."
I blame Paul for ignoring the roots of Jesus's religion, and I blame the Roman Catholic church for putting the marketing of Paul above the patient persistent of the Jews and joyful, Jewish Jesus. I also blame Abraham for allowing Hagar and Abraham's son to be sent into the desert to die, and for attempting to kill his own son Isaac, and for denying the birthright of his first-born, Ishmael. We continue to fight these ancient battles of our ancestors. We should get a life.
Once again, we humans must to dial back the clock of true humanity to another era in order to understand what to do to survive. Can we consider simply dialing it back to Pentecost, when Jesus released his spiritual essence to all who want to embrace it? 
I am not willing to kill anyone and/or his/her children because my (perhaps drunk) father/mother pissed another off several generations ago. Are you?
Salaam, Shalom, and peace be upon us all.

Why Women Are Our Enemies and We Love Them Anyway

I have met many women who were jealous of all others;
This may be where the concept of "a jealous God" began.
Their ferocious "mother tiger" selves strike out at anyone
Who gets between mother and her children, or her man.
It seems to matter not to these ferocious mother tigers,
Whether their protected ones are babies or grown men.
If they perceive presence stronger than their "babies,"
They will strike out, with full force, again and again.
In the knight in shining armor saviors, we like to believe;
It is a myth about the king protecting the princess.
Females coming from families, whether or not royalty,
Are treated as unpaid prostitutes, if not less.
The only way mothers can hand power on to daughters
Is registered financial security, in a mothers name,
This protects daughters as their brothers are protected by fathers.
To prevent all, and anyone, from denying a daughter's claim.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Longing to Be Let Go

You put a curse on your people, then are the hero who takes it away;
I regret that I carry the curse you put on me, even to this very day.
I struggle to be free of you, but you infected the marrow of my bones,
And with your sweet siren songs, you continue to beckon me "home".

How inspiring the great artworks that express the artists' souls;
The music and scriptures proclaim the greatest stories ever told;
The passion of my spiritual family for seeking earthly justice;
It is all of this bedrock of my spiritual journey that I miss.

It was within your walls that I first felt The Sacred Spirit,
Whispering so softly, I was the only one to hear it.
You also gave me what I needed to enable me to think;
I strain against your chains on me, but cannot break the link.

The Sacred Spirits of my siblings have died a million deaths;
Our only chance for healing was that, to us, you'd confess.
It has been far preferable to you to ruin our family name,
By denying your culpability in driving us all insane.

You demand belief in conflicting, simultaneous opinions;
Training, from birth, your "sacred" society's minions,
Demanding that we bow and kneel in front of you,
Though this was not something Jesus would ever do.

Your parish priests are prostitutes collecting a tax,
Spreading fear of hell if faithful communicants relax.
In your fancy temples, you sell the holy sacraments.
When do you intend to do your own penance?

I'd be at peace now if you had killed my physical body;
That you raped my Sacred Spirit was so much worse for me.
You've condemned your victims in your continued hubris;
I am telling you only because I was commanded to do this.

I have no hope of open dialog and reconciliation,
For you will not step down from your elevated station.
Release my soul from the vows I was forced to take,
So that I may honorably, the curse from you, forsake.

Annul your false sacraments so that I may embrace Pentecost,
And reclaim The Sacred Spirit that, in your care, I lost.
Let me go so My Sacred Spirit won't scare others away
Because they are held hostage by what your church would say.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Fathers Are Our Future


    Every time you dishonor the parent, you also harm the parent's child,
    So much more while the child depends on the parent for continued life.
    Before a child can walk and bring food to her or his own lips,
    Every threat to the sustaining parents makes the child fearful of death.
    How is it that what we call humans are still walking upon this earth,
    While acting as scavenging animals in their behaviors toward others?
    Walking upright and the power of speech is not all that humanity requires.
    Even monkeys swinging from trees protect their young better than do we.
    Love is what we have for all when we are born; it is only with fear that this is destroyed.
    The universe does not play favorites with different tribes and different species.
    Even the ancient, unruly gods had to cooperate for humans to thrive.
    When will we realize that we have the choice to work or to perish together?
    Why do we continue to feed each other into the fires of an earthly hell?
    STOP, people! THINK! We are not only animals. We are each a bit of The Sacred.
    Look past the skin into the soul, where you will find a perfect baby, like yourself.
    Seek out a soul that can see your own and wallow in wonder with this child.
    Fathers, hold the mothers as they hold your sons and daughters.
    Let your children and their mother breath in your sheltering strength.
    Be a full partner in the act of procreation, only begun when you planted your seed.
    Your ribs form the foundation for the tent of skin surrounding your sacred family.

    Sunday, February 9, 2014

    Eternal Energy

    Our energy is like pollen that we spread to all around us;
    Some may open to receive it, and some turn away.
    Some can't accept what we offer, as it is foreign to them;
    These may remain as our neighbors, but never as family.

    Not all around a mighty oak are destined to become trees,
    And not only the trees are needed to complete a forest.
    Even the duff that's produced by the oak's decay
    Is important to sustain the life it, again, becomes.

    The only caste system in any culture is imagined;
    Neither ants, maggots, nor termites are untouchables.
    They are simply the workers that we don't often see,
    Refreshing energy for newly formed earthly life.

    There's no new energy; it is all Alpha and Omega.
    The Spirit than was in the beginning is now and forever.
    It is our human duty to shelter The Sacred Spirit
    In ourselves and in our family's holy home.

    There are those who wish to possess your seeds.
    They are the ones who cannot allow any pure beauty,
    Without owning and controlling it for their own pleasure.
    These will destroy a full forest to build their own beds.

    We must be careful to whom we open ourselves.
    Is their dust around us pollen or poison?
    We must also be careful with whom we share,
    As some wish to hoard our Sacred Spirit in a cage.

    They will cut us off from the roots that feed us,
    And when we wilt and die, they will replace us.
    We can only pray that the joy we've given
    Will become sacred energy in other's memories.

    I was once a mighty oak, in a thriving forest,
    But I continued to have branches pruned,
    And poisons poured around my roots.
    But the poison poured didn't kill all of me.

    Two of my acorns lived to sprout in new soil;
    By others in the forest, they have been taken away.
    When I see them sheltering their own small trees,
    And I am overcome with gratitude for their grace.

    I weep for the forests that are not nurtured;
    Where every leaf that falls is quickly taken away;
    Where no care is taken in grafting and pollinating,
    And the tiny trees are too crowded to thrive.

    I wish that my body could be put upon a pyre,
    And set out in the shade of a huge oak tree.
    Birds feast on my flesh and bones enrich the soil,
    This would seem perfect recycling for my energy.

    Or take my body out on my much-loved lake,
    With my friends and family in my funeral boat.
    Mark the spot where I am placed in the water;
    The crabbing will be very good here.

    I lived to laugh, love, and leave an impression.
    Sing; dance; eat; drink; laugh until you choke.
    I see nothing sacred about sadness,
    And you will never be free of my energy. HaHa!

    Saturday, February 8, 2014

    The Martyrdom of Motherhood

    The worst part of parenting, for me, was the pressure to be perfect.
    Fathers don't live with the many reasons their children will, them, reject.
    It matters not that the mother must choose to put her own life on the line;
    The passive planter of the seed is the parent who is worshiped as divine.

    Some believe that mothers are the objects of progeny's worship,
    But the "gods" are always free to, their lesser subjects, reject.
    When one is found deficient by the god to whom one sacrificed,
    The supplicant is encouraged to offer more of one's very life.

    This is not the way that humans are taught to see motherhood;
    Mothers are seen as the receptacles for all earthly evil and good.
    They are also seen as the source, even though they are vessels,
    So they are eternally blamed for all universal and earthly ills.

    Mothers are also forbidden to ask anything in return;
    Demand for justice is reason enough for them to be burned.
    My children are long grown, but they still blame me
    Because their father didn't think I was as perfect as I should be.

    I am weary beyond my human physical capacity;
    I will no longer care what others wish that I would be.
    It matters no longer to me who thinks I deserve hell;
    I simply give what I have, as long as, on earth, I dwell.

    I know some will see me as sinner and some as a saint;
    The picture of my imprint on earth is not for me to paint.
    As a leaf falls and feeds the soil, I see my death;
    This is the image that has given my living spirit rest.

    I hope the good I gave my children exceeds the bad;
    I honestly gave them all the positive energy that I had.
    I demand nothing from them because I am not a goddess;
    I simply hope they pass on to their children my being's best.

    Wednesday, February 5, 2014

    An Attempt to Reverse My Ancestral Curse

    The first faces of the Divine that any baby should see
    Are the faces of his/her creators, through their sexual unity.
    What horrors have been visited on humanity's perceptions
    By the pursuit of human power through sacred sex's rejection.

    Why must we believe that Mary was eternally a virgin,
    And that her partner was denied as her physical husband?
    They both came from families, groomed for centuries,
    So that their precious progeny would, in sacred truth, lead.

    I reject the notion that their child was more than human;
    It is on his humanity that my desire to follow depends.
    I wish I had more information on his life with his parents;
    It seems to be missing, from his teens, and ever since.

    Surely someone knows who taught the boy the Talmud;
    There must have been rabbis by whom he was best understood.
    I will never believe that his Jewish parents on this earth
    Were not his first faces of "God" when he was given birth.

    God's vengeance is a hoax to assume ultimate eternal power
    Over The Sacred Spirit, with which all humans are showered.
    If we go back to Genesis in defining each of ourselves,
    "Heaven on earth" is where humans can still choose to dwell.

    I love my parents and their wrong religion that damned me;
    They were limited by what they were told they should see.
    I believe that every spark of positive power that was shared
    Lives on forever in those for, and by whom, we're cared.

    The church of my mother denied heaven to my black nannies,
    Even though their unfettered love is what surely saved me.
    Jesus had a reason for proclaiming blessings on the wombs,
    And black breasts that saved many from early tombs.

    I'm a faith baby of the true followers of Jesus, who were black;
    They nursed many a child as they and their children were attacked.
    I long for a way to make up for the sins of my father and mother,
    But I lack the understanding of my race's sisters and brothers.

    The color of one's skin is not anyone's decision.
    How can we continue to call racists "Christian?"
    We must stand with the black parents and their sons;
    Many of us owe their grandmothers what we've become.

    I am constantly amazed by the capacity for joy in faith
    The most oppressed of our people, their Jesus, imitate.
    Their children continue to be brutalized for their color;
    They suffer along with Mary, their savior's mother.

    Religions have been perverted by those who seek personal power;
    It is time that humans, on earth, responsible compassion, empower.
    The only way I feel that can reverse some ancestral harm
    Is the use of strong words, for sounding injustice's alarm.

    The travails of humanity, as described by Genesis
    Started with the secrecy on which Adam did insist.
    Fully listening is the most sacred gift visited on humanity,
    The grace from which humanity continues to flee.

    Open up our hearts and our truths about our ancestral life,
    Without religious predators who wish to, of each, take a slice.
    It takes no money are talent to reach out a loving hand;
    This is all that the new human covenant truly demands.

    Tuesday, February 4, 2014

    My Perspective on Pentecost

    What if Pentecost was actually the Second Coming of Jesus, and we have all been missing that fact. Jews celebrate Pentecost as the giving of the law to them through Moses. The followers of Jesus, with the fire of The Holy Spirit, had the distillation of the law branded onto their hearts at Pentecost. Isn't this a possibility?

    These people gathered to celebrate the Jewish holiday had been taught how to live the law by serving and celebrating all manifestations of their God on earth. Jesus had exemplified this and had even agreed to be put to death as the last blood sacrifice to a vengeful version of God, based on the old practices based on fear.

    Joy in life in The Sacred Spirit became the new covenant. Awe replaced animal fear. Jesus's friends were on fire with The Sacred Spirit of Jewish Jesus, something that is frightening to those who don't understand this level of passion. There was no longer the need to circumcise or baptize in order to prove that all are one family. The human touch of service from one person to another became the way to draw people to their own Pentecost experiences.

    When we hug another person with no need to receive a hug from them, we are passing Pentecost on to another. When we feed someone with love, we are handing them some of The Sacred Spirit, along with the savory sauce. When we look someone in the eye and allow them to tell us their stories, we are acting as a Christ to that person, at that time.

    The Sacred Spirit doesn't have a favorite religion or ritual. In the wonderful words of Diana Ross, "Reach out and touch somebody's hand; make this world a better place, if you can."

    Sunday, February 2, 2014

    My Energy As a Galaxy?

    Why do we have the human need to diminish all, including The Divine?
    Can I not accept the importance of anything I can't claim as mine?
    I have always felt more energized by the differences around me,
    Hoping to absorb into myself some new manifestations of energy.

    It makes no sense to me that some claim to know "God's" nature
    It has made less sense to me as my spiritual life has matured.
    I don't even understand cosmology, which is much less profound;
    Those who say they have definite answers, are liars, I have found.

    Great science, like great religion, is always open to experience;
    These are the "truths" humans have, from the beginning, and ever since.
    Too often truth has been defined by only to those who simply read,
    And reword the same old traditions; this is not what humanity needs.

    Religion has become so mired in the halls of academics and politicians;
    It it time for all the arrogant charlatans to offer their followers contrition.
    The people must open their mouths and proclaim their spiritual truths
    To protect our bloodied and wounded world from further "godly" abuse.

    The Spirit of Life looks and feels like every experience on earth;
    This truth has been diminished by glorifying the tribes of birth.
    The Divine has every face, every voice, and every gender known.
    When will we stop denying parts of the glory that we've been shown?

    Until every child is cherished and protected by every human parent,
    Humanity will not reach the potential that should be, to us, apparent.
    The point of creation is to continue folding inward on each other,
    Until we're indistinguishable in eternity as mother, father, sister or brother.

    All our energy will eventually return to the Divine Genesis of Eternal Life;
    We will be one with The Sacred Spirit, as sacred husband is to sacred wife.
    Nurturing each flame of energy is our sacred responsibility;
    It is not for us to know what happens in the great scheme of eternity.

    What do I care if the energy I shared then fuels a new universe?
    I would feel that, if it died with me, I must have been a curse.
    I love to imagine that the energy that once manifested as me,
    Could, at some time in the future of the universe, manifest as a galaxy.

    Saturday, February 1, 2014

    Boundaries of Behavior

    When will "Christians" and "Catholics" stand up to the corruption of the church of Rome?
    So many continue to disobey, without refusing communion with their abusive home.
    This political earthly kingdom, with palaces and princes, continues to pervert
    The examples of Jesus, who lived in joyful, responsibly compassionate work.

    This religion has pretended to be based on the traditions of the chosen ones,
    All the while persecuting their ancestral brothers, sisters, daughters, and sons.
    The Jews did not create graven images of The Sacred Breath of all earthly life;
    Neither did they follow the path of a "god'" that demanded blood sacrifice.

    Their anointed son, Jesus, sought to make the message of salvation accessible,
    By living a life of great discipline that was also earthy, and quite joyful.
    Then, entered the Roman priests, with their gods lusting for human blood,
    And the people were distracted from the ancestry on which Jesus stood.

    Priests and false prophets pretend to have special protective power;
    Only they can save humans from the greedy gods' desires to devour
    All those that displease them, as they enrich their chosen ones:
    The firstborn of families that produce physically strong sons.

    How humans love their circuses with great shows of bloody bravery,
    Dismissing daily acts of courage and devotion the public doesn't see.
    How can the people reclaim the sacred as seen by our ancestors,
    When religions have created a path to eternity that is only empty words?

    Isn't it time that humans stop acting as territorial animals,
    And admit that cooperation is how we can be most fruitful?
    If we accept Abraham as the father of three separate nations,
    We must go back to before him to cure our current situation.

    Why do we start the story of the chosen people with the greed
    Adam and Eve passed down to their sons, through their seed?
    We continue to ignore the evils of belief in blood sacrifice;
    Though, throughout the stories told by our ancestors, were rife.

    Each time an ancestor attempts to kill a human for his or her god,
    The way becomes more difficult for all who, on our earth, trod.
    We continue to, generation after generation, do the same,
    Pretending that we kill each other in The Sacred Spirit's name.

    The breath of eternal life is most fully manifested in humanity;
    The choice to destroy or increase the sacred is, in each, free.
    How many more millenia will we follow our animals instincts,
    Rather than use the superior brains with which each full human thinks?

    Any priest, pastor, or prophet promoting fear, or lack of intellect,
    Is certainly a person that a full human should spiritually reject.
    This does not require any action of physically moving away,
    But requires boundaries against allowing in anything that they say.

    We are given permission by Jesus to shelter the vulnerable children
    Against any who attempt to lead these most vulnerable to sin.
    Love of neighbor doesn't prescribe we desecrate our sacred homes
    By allowing in the perversions of those who, to us, are not known.

    Only those who are strong in their beliefs and boundaries
    Should open their doors to all, ministers and thieves.
    Each place of communion must be clear in what they expect
    From those that, the core values of this home, they reject.

    When we have strong beliefs and boundaries, we should happily let in
    Any who seek our inclusion in their lives as family or as friends.
    It is not against the example that, in his life on earth, Jesus set
    To, those who attempt to change our core values, we eject.

    The story of ejection from the Garden of Eden as punishment
    Has harmed the chosen family human ever since.
    What if we saw the story as a parent saying, "not in my home"
    Would the different tribes of people of the earth feel less alone?

    When one group seeks to control, the more we have disasters.
    When will we see there's no one tribe as universal masters?
    Turn back the pages to the Jewish story of their genesis;
    Humans should have honored limits that did, then, exist.

    Come forth all you humans who have boundaries of behavior.
    I am strong enough to enjoy some of what your family savors.
    I respect the fears of those who want to keep their children close,
    While I, to your courage in being yourself, raise a toast.