Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Peace Preceding Homo Sapiens

Until "Christians" confess to one another, I have no use for the farce. Jesus criticized the hypocrites that confessed to god, but did not approach each other with humility and repentance. He made it very clear that there was no relationship with god without peace among the bodies that god inhabits on earth. There is only one Sacred Spirit in all the universe, and Homo sapiens have been given the unique gift of exemplifying this Spirit in our flesh. Why would we continue to waste such a precious blessing if we were actually reasonable animals?

The only conclusion I can come to is that Homo sapiens aren't ready to bear such a beautiful "burden." I'm not sure we ever will be, and that is why we are intent on our own species' and habitat's destruction. I only hope I am not around to see the end of our earth. What fools we have been to believe that we were better than what we refer to as the "lower" animal species. Religion and philosophy have only made us more arrogant.

When we replaced childlike wonder with the need to know more than the neighbor next to us, we set the stage for the destruction of us all. No person is an expert on the final answer to anything on earth. Earth is ever evolving, or it, and we, would die. How did we get to a point where we believe we are about obtaining answers, rather than believing it is the depth of our questions that count?

The basic question in any relationship should be, "How deeply do you want to relate?" The rest can only follow once we have the answer to this. Until we stand emotionally naked before each other, there is no hope of reclaiming the peace preceding Homo sapiens.