Monday, March 19, 2012

Cynicism and Serenity

My husband says he's a romantic cynic,
Expecting the worst that life has in it,
But he is still quite disappointed
When the worst is, toward him, pointed.

I pray that I can live in reality,
Not in a product of my fantasy.
It is too painful when I come down,
With a great crashing to the ground.

Will a healthy dose of cynicism,
Not viewing life through a prism,
Protect me from disappointment,
Where so much of my life has been spent?

But can we live with open eyes,
Instead of believing all the lies,
And not become discouraged,
Feeling our souls to be mortgaged?

Is it right to accept that life isn't fair,
And not feel guilty when I don't share?
Is it enough to accept my share of grace
Without feeling that I, humanity, disgrace?

Do I have the right to protect myself,
Even at the expense of someone else?
Here, I must pray for serenity,
To know what is my responsibility.