Friday, March 8, 2013

The Sacred Spirit at Death

When I was afraid of losing you, I became greedy for your spirit,
And that your gentle voice, I'd never again be able to hear it.
I wanted to soak up enough of you that I wouldn't feel the pain
When your sight, sound, touch was taken away from me again.

I spent years shunning new friendships because I was drained,
Worrying that the depths of my emotions couldn't be restrained.
I prayed for death so that the terrible anxiety would finally cease;
There were no relationships that could bring me lasting peace.

Over the years of your renewed health, it became plain to see
That so much of your Sacred Spirit will always live on in me,
That I no longer feel anxious that I will lose your presence
My heavenly communion with you lives in our present tense.

I believe The Eternal Sacred Spirit that lives in us
Opened up in me the thoughts of death issues to discuss.
I have come to see The Sacred Spirit of life as a continuum
We don't know, at our physical deaths, what new life it becomes.

I believe that, with fear, Sacred Spiritual Energy is snuffed;
Fear becomes anger and hatred in those who have been rebuffed.
When we're led by fear of the unknown, instead of embracing it,
We create an environment where only a few spirits can fit.

When my physical spirit begins to wane and create negative energy,
I hope that only my Sacred Spirit lives on in those who've loved me.
If I, in any way, have caused another's Sacred Spirit to be diminished,
I hope that, with my death, their Sacred Spirit is replenished.

I wish we had a dying farewell ritual of final forgiveness,
Where, we with our loved ones, and possibly a loving witness,
Could come together and confess our sins against each other,
Husband to wife, neighbor to neighbor, and sister to brother.

We have been to taught to eternally hide our sins in shame,
Fearing the eternal punishment taught in "God's" name.
The ones who are punished when we deny our sins
Are the new lives that, with those we touched, begins.

Even in war, would it be healing for combatants to apologize
To the dying father of a family, before he closes his eyes?
Fear turned into anger and hatred kills a part of the soul;
The passing of pieces to another may, once again, make it whole.

We must begin to see death as only our breathing will cease,
The Sacred Spirit passed into the breath of another, may increase.
Will we ever, with peaceful, loving arms hold each other while we die,
And wash away all our sins against each other as we, together, cry?