Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Reclaiming Our Peaceful Paradise

What can one woman do in the great "god" discussion,
When, forever, the writings have been controlled by men?
We must meditate on our ancestral sense of the sacred,
Before we were ashamed of presenting ourselves naked.

We must shake off the fear that our bodies will be killed;
What is now important is that our voices not be stilled.
We cannot find peace in the concept of jealous kings;
War is the only policy that jealousy ever brings.

Why would a king mourn the death of his progeny?
His body, in the act of creation, is essentially set free.
We are the ones who risk our bodies, blood, and our souls
To make space for new potential life to become whole.

We must rise up against children as tools for gods and lords;
And must stand together as, our sacred seeds, we hoard.
This is the only way to break the back of earthly monarchy,
And reclaim the earth as the peaceful paradise it should be.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Christianity Is About Creed Rather than Deed

My biggest issue with many of those who are "religious" is how easy they forgive themselves. Instead of engaging in dialog about differences, they proclaim their truths as if there are no other interpretations or translations in the huge world of communication. Ask any two eye witnesses to the same event for their stories, and you will see how dramatically different perceptions based on existing ideas and worldviews can be.

Scholars have long assented to the belief that there are many nuances to the ways in which "sacred scriptures" can be interpreted, yet many continue to proselytize as if their own versions are absolute. There is no right or wrong in belief; there is simply difference in experience. When will we learn to listen with ears that attempt to find similarities instead of competing to find errors in the beliefs of each other?

The greatest miracle I ever experienced was the births of my children, but my spouse (the co-creator) did not feel the same about the two events. Some see birth an an increase in their own responsibilities; others see the same event as an extension of the sacred in their own experience of life on earth. Is either actually wrong for what he or she feels? Are any feelings right or wrong unless we act on them?

I am tired, beyond my ability to care about life, of efforts to control my beliefs. What impacts our earth is what we do. "Christianity" lightened the load of becoming fully functioning humans by making human morality about creed rather than deed. I reject the creed. I've been ridiculed and rejected for my deeds. I would now welcome death.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Supreme Being As a Verb, Not a Noun

I finally understand my hesitancy to use the term "god," whether with a little "g" or a big "G." It is because of what the word has always meant, even before parts of the population of earth began insisting on only one manifestation (and name) for eternal being.

A god is, by virtue of being a god, scary and demanding of sacrifices, the bloodier the better, to soothe him. This god is a noun. At some point, "God" took on many qualities and manifestations attributed to the various gods of earlier human eras, when humans could only accept what had a commonly recognized physical "face." This seemingly led to an experience of "God" as a monarchical/militaristic presence. The Judaic YHWH was modeled on the breath of life, a word that evokes the verb of being alive. How did humans walk backwards in enlightenment?

The simple animal brain is programmed for fight or flight, so fear is an important component in animal leadership. What doesn't look familiar, most animals fear and flee from or fight. The Jews seemed to be attempting to find a third path for the animals that had progressed to be considered as human, that of understanding and coping. While I can't fault those who embraced knowing that we must change societal norms one baby step at a time, I do believe that it is time that we get over fear and/or shame being the main behavioral motivator(s) for humanity.

Early followers of the joyful Jewish Jesus were getting the hang of a new way to create and coordinate community. They were being taught that humans were to offer their best selves to each other and the earth as parts of the wholeness of eternal creative power of the universe. Then, the great mensch (in Yiddish, the pinnacle of being human) Jesus was martyred. Many of those who had openly followed and promoted the ways of this brave son of Israel went into hiding in order to practice their new ways of being and sharing the best of what humanity has to offer without persecution.

The Jews, after all, had believed that a messiah (christ) would come to reclaim and reign over their earthly land.  Some were gradually coming to an understanding that rules of worship of a great and jealous god were not the same as unity of humans in the universal redemption of The Sacred Spirit evidenced in all that we experience on earth. Their own scriptures said that, in truth, humanity was created as physical manifestations of good ("God?"). For a while, these brave people were patiently following the path that Jesus had set, hoping that this would eventually lead their people to earthly power. Jesus even promoted working toward "earth as it is in heaven." He simply didn't mean an earthly power in the way it had previously been practiced.

Neither average Jews nor Gentiles seemed to understand that the power of peace in "Israel" or anywhere on earth was within each human who chose to embrace peace on earth as primary purpose. many of the old law was not needed, but there were still "rules of the road" to get there. The rules had been condensed, but the condensation could only be understood by those who understood their roots. Paul promoted an easier path to "paradise." He declared that Jewish training was unimportant in obtaining inclusion in the new way exemplified by Jesus, completely ignoring that Jesus was a devout Jew. In this manner, Paul brought many Gentiles to the new table, perhaps to help the new movement gain political power. This shortcut still exacts a price.

Much martyrdom was attributed to the new political protests claiming Jewish Jesus as their "god." How many of them misunderstood that the power of Jesus was in his exemplary humble life, not in his sensational suffering and death? As with most human efforts to hurry the processes of nature, there have been many false positives fueled by bold events assuming importance over what leads up to them. Without connection to roots, all vines die.

Political power was actually what Jesus had come to overcome as a way to live lives of prosperity and peace for all the earth, but it was simply too radical for most to embrace. Poor Peter, never very brave, fell for Roman centurion trained Paul's promise of mass conversions if the apostles simply spread the message of an easy way to produce peace to the Gentiles. The stumbling, slow way of true conversion, from friend-to-friend and family-to-family, was overshadowed by a political platform called the "Christian" religion.

While Paul may have had an actual conversion, he spent his time writing and delivering stump speeches for the marketers of a mass conversion. These speeches took the place of personal testimonies, and perversions of the faith that traced its roots back to the beginning of human history became stronger that the example of Jesus and his Jewish ancestors. The "Christian" church has, ever since, followed Paul's lead in how to bring peace to the earth. The Roman Catholic Church followed Paul to promote a religion of creed over deed. The religions, instead of going back to the Sacred Spiritual root, branched off the vine of the "Christian" religion.

Jews had been using the Ten Commandments, for centuries, as shorthand rules to make peace with each other. Jesus, in his life's example, showed them how to make peace within themselves in order to make peace with each other; thereby, creating no need for struggling with a god.  Paul's way created a rift between those who had been following rules for human interaction and those who had no training in the rules of engagement with those who had produced the family of Jesus.

What is called "Christianity" still suffers from the political pressures of the past. Only those who actually understand that we feed bodies in order to feed the spirits of humanity will ever be all together in responsibly compassionate community. When we are willing to open up our spirits to blend with others, we will take on some of their pain and infuse some of our joy. It is still true that we must wait until we are strong in our own faith before attempting to absorb some of the spirit of another. Our unwillingness to embrace others is simply a mark of our own uncertainty.

The Holy (Great, Sacred) Spirit is the basis for all awe in all ages of humanity. We have continued to be dragged back to earlier eras of human understanding by those who use fear as an impetus to action. There are worse things in the universe than being sacrificed before birth; this includes being born as a pawn in the power games of those who wage war.

There is no need of 'gods' in our lives; there is only need for blending of spirits. War short-circuits all efforts to achieve peace, as it creates a new generation of revenge killing. This process spirituality kills many generations of all but animal instinct. Peace is like a dance; we give and take in unequal measure until perfect balance becomes the way of the world. The patience to wait while we dance takes an understanding that the universe lasts past any one lifetime. We each simply have to do one part to keep peace moving forward.

We are still treating too many humans as one would treat an earlier animal, before the brain was developed for complex thought. This may be appropriate for those who are incapable, by virtue of genetics or physical damage to the brain, but it is wrong to use religion as ways to limit intellectual ability. I now refuse to follow any who offers fear as justification for fighting or fleeing. I will simply persevere with passion and patience, hoping for eventual eternal peace. Only in this way will all in the universe eventually manifest the fullness of Supreme Being.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

You May Become a Mini-Me

I am usually willing to apprentice at the side of a master, but I long-ago outgrew the ability to act as acolyte. Only experience should be believed. I have long shied away from formal education in favor of following in the footsteps of those with experience. It is important to me in choosing a guru to know where the teacher started and where he or she wanted to go before accepting that this pastor was on a path that I wanted to pursue.

Anyone can learn to parrot pretty words, and we are often enthralled by the sound of the voices saying them. Influential oratory is also a learned skill. My soft-spoken husband has a favorite saying, "Act proves potency." It should not be taboo to ask anyone who seeks to guide your actions to share his or her own life story and references.

So many mentors give advice based on what they always wished they had done, rather than on what lessons they have learned by their own living. Psychologists/pastors/counselors/therapists, for instance, have a policy of not giving a patient any personal information before attempting to address the problems of the patient. The danger in becoming vulnerable to anyone with whom you are not in an equally intimate relationship is that you never know where the person intends to lead you.

I find this to be more than a little bit dangerous. Even if the therapist/psychologist/counselor/pastor has good intentions, you may not be at all suited for the areas that he or she endeavors to take you. Be careful who you follow; you may become a mini-me, an experiment in what the leader wishes he or she could be.

Monday, January 20, 2014

No Hope for the Hierarchy

A friend who has held onto my soul for over forty years gave me an article today, saying, "God heard your complaints." The article about Pope Benedict's defrocking of priests originated with the Associated Press, and was published in her local newspaper. I read it with great interest, only to find that the defrocking was based on a loosening of the legal statute of limitations on rape and abuse set by the Vatican. How can an organization presenting itself as "Christian" hide behind legalistic limitations on the murder of one's faith?

We were made children of the church before we were even born, by virtue of the Vatican's insistence that all good Roman Catholic women bear as many "soldiers of Christ" as their bodies would produce. There was no compassion for the needs of the children, nor of the parents, even when there were extreme circumstances which should have slowed down responsible human procreation.

I have no hope for the Roman Catholic Church to ever walk away from their arrogance in believing that they are the high priests that must stand between each person and his or her personal manifestations of The Sacred Spirit on this earth. They have lived too long in the aura of respectability in which monarchs enjoy adulation. They have infected too much of what is called "Christianity" with the militaristic idea of conquering souls with fear and force over the slow process of true conversion to faith, which passes one person to one person.

The world is one. Until we understand that all divisions are false, we will never have peace.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Medication, Minors, and Martyrdom

I have, more than once, been pronounced crazy, in need of psychoactive medication and therapy. Never has it been effective, in the long term, because I really don't want to tone down the light by which I see where I believe the earth of my grandchildren should be allowed to go.

My psychologist says that I am an enigma that will always be suspect in normal human interactions. He says that this is because I lead my life by very strict rules and boundaries while expecting very few boundaries of others in their behaviors. As a product of adolescence during the moral upheaval during the 1960s in the United States of America, I feel that my way is most appropriate to both growth and personal safety.

My biggest challenge is much like the judge who said that he couldn't define pornography, but he knew it when he saw it. I can't always say what I find abhorrent until it is right in front of my face. I am pretty okay with what consenting adults do to entertain each other, as long they keep their personal predilections private. I reserve the right, as a parent, to protect my minor children from any influence I don't feel prepared to handle for them. There should be no such thing as authority without responsibility.

So many in a "free" society seek to influence others to join in their behaviors or beliefs in order to justify their own actions. They too often do this with no commitment to address the consequences of the actions that they incite. As a parent and an employer, I had huge issues with this. many won popularity contests with those put under my protection by encouraging them to do as they wished. These same popular people (politicians) then expected me to take care of those they incited to act without any sense of responsibility to themselves or their communities.

Janis Joplin sang, "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose." This is often true. Humans are communal animals and we all choose which community we want to be part of. Where we fit is based on what we want to give; very few communities need any more demanding babies in order to meet their needs. We all want to be recognized for our efforts. In order to be long-term respected and welcomed, we must offer something other that the entertainment of our ongoing dramas.

BTW, Jesus, the joyful Jew, didn't generally encourage ongoing drama. He even asked his father whether he had to undergo the drama of his own death in order to get his message across. "Oy Vey!" his dad said, "Yes, son, or they won't follow what you have exemplified with your life." I hope for the day that we won't require martyrdom in order to follow those who deserve honor.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Friend Maite

My friend Maite is an attorney in her native land, Venezuela. In my country, attorneys are taught to turn off their hearts in order to favor their heads. This is so not in keeping with the basic concept of justice, but competition has consumed the concept of Judeo-Christianity. I know that Maite has not succeeded in becoming callous to compassion, as she still can smell the air wafting from my condo and know when I am cooking specifically for her tastes.

I am not sure how I will ever make peace between passion and propriety, but know that I feel honored by those who appreciate my efforts at making them feel special. I may never understand the efforts of so many to pretend they are self-sufficient, not only physically, but in their feelings. I continue to reach out and continue to be ridiculed as arrogant for believing that anyone would want some of what I have to give.

I feel completely loved by very few, but the few include my friend Maite because she is always happy with whatever I have to give.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Patience As My Purpose

Silently I sit, available to all who ask for my assistance, hoping that this is a vocation. Many ask for money, with no strings attached. I turn them down for several reasons. The first is that I am in partnership; my partner and I must agree on the effort. The second is that I am not charitable; I invest in efforts in which I believe.

Too many hand out money without question, creating a class of "charity" charlatans and thieves. Would you give your children money without wanting to know on what they spend it? "Ah, but I am an adult," says the recipient; "I can do with your money what I please." I reply that money is, in my case, a substitute for the talents that I traded with someone. If one is not ready to give me a plan for how they will use individual talents to increase my investment in an effort, I decline to invest.

Money has become meaningless as barter; best efforts in many fields count for nothing. Those who attend to birthing, teaching, and creating and conserving human dignity are but reminders of memories of humanity's most difficult endeavors. Our arrogance says that we should be able to do all, and when others step in to assist, we cringe. Rather that treating the helpers as personal partners, we relegate them to positions of disgrace and poverty.

I was wise, this time, in insisting to be compensated, not because I don't love, but because I do. The civil courts are not the place to create equity, and the churches shirk their responsibilities in these endeavors to create peace among people. Sentiment and religion seem to sway us, but free use of individual intellect and collaboration with others are our greatest graces. Only by balancing feeling and thinking can humanity come to parity in partnerships.

We no longer elect leaders based on experience, but on the brightness of their smiles and the cut in their hair. We believe in the tears that they have been taught to shed on command, and act as if kissing a baby has anything to do with what it means to put one's own life on hold to bring one up in the way he or she should go.

We are all pharisees and hypocrites. We only want to follow those who lead us on an easy path. Religions say that what we say will save us. This has never been true. It is what we do that makes a difference. I'd like to be asked to lead again, as I did when I was young, but my path was one of example and instruction while I stood in the wings waiting to be asked for further assistance. Patience is probably the hardest effort I ever had to exhibit, but I would gladly do the same again.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

What I want to Be

The greatest advantage of being a citizen in a democracy is that I can enjoy freedom, not only of religion, but also freedom from religion. Even though there are many religions that purport to have a monopoly on the eternal, ultimate truth, this is not really the nature of the life on earth. To stop evolving in real life is to be dead.

It is simply easier to control and invent memories of what already happened than to control what may happen next. Is this why so many religions focus on the suffering of death rather than the stress and uncertainty of continuing to grow? Fear of the future is not life-giving; it simply promotes stagnation. Stagnation always leads to untimely death.

I have never trusted strict adherence to ritual or tradition because the amount of grief that the collective is to share whenever anything happens to disrupt the status quo seems out of place in a growth-oriented society. It seems to me that any who live only to maintain that with which they are already comfortable might as well be wax figures of themselves. If we don't want to evolve, what good is it continuing to soak up the energy of life?

A partner once told me that it is easy to be perfect if we never do anything. That seems to be the way to salvation for many people; they would rather not do anything than risk making a few honest mistakes. I have always figured that life was a balancing act; it is better to mess up some things than to never attempt to be part of any solutions to existing problems.

I have made many mistakes in my efforts to make everyone I meet feel welcome at my table. I have also lost many tables in my seeking to include everyone, but I must continue to seek and celebrate any good that I see. To do otherwise is killing me.

It has never been in my nature to be afraid because I always had the ability to obtain guidance from those who could assist me with their knowledge and wisdom. I have been misguided more than I like to admit by those who pretended to have answers that they did not possess. I have survived all the charlatans, liars, and hypocrites, so far, and will surely survive many more before I die. This is the price I pay for my never-ending quest for enlightenment. I have gained more than I have had taken from me, so I choose to continue in my quest.

I don't seek to control any outcomes with my acquired information; I simply seek to share it with those who want a wise and willing person with whom to brainstorm. I am a minister, but I don't seek to be a priest for the administering of ritual, a prophet for predicting future events, or a guru to guide those who have trouble finding their own paths. I simply want to be available to those who need a way station to gather themselves on their journeys through life and faith.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Appearances Are Everything

I gave birth to my children in the infancy of women’s and other civil rights enforcement.  Strange as it may sound to Millenials, when my children left home there was no way to track them or intervene if they were in trouble. (There were no personal computers or cell phones back then.) My children were at the mercy of strangers, which was one of my greatest fears. Too many strangers prey on the vulnerable, especially the children. It was difficult keeping them safe from predators, and I may never know if I was wholly successful, but here are the things I learned, in my 62 years about staying safe:

We like to say that people should not "judge a book by its cover" but that is exactly how our animal instincts decide what we want to give our attention to. What else do we know about anything when we first encounter it than how it appears to us, and whether the appearance is included in our worldview of shoulds. We cover our scents with all manner of decoy aromas, so we even handicap what is a basic bonding ingredient in other animals.

In small communities, shoulds are based on what is available within the community. As we have become more global in our access to others, the boundaries have become increasingly blurred. This seems to have made people more, not less, nervous about each other. "Declare your clan," groups all seem to be saying, but declaring your clan can seriously limit your opportunities to expand your experience. People will automatically assume many stereotypical things about you.

It is interesting and enlightening (sometimes even dangerous) to enter unfamiliar communities without a guide to run interference for you. In small towns the tribal lines seem to be drawn around family, school, and church affiliations. In any given city, there are many tribal lines that one doesn't want to cross without an interpreter, and possibly a posse, for protection. The higher the profile of the visitor, the less likely that the visitor will be viewed favorably. 

High profile indicates to the animals instincts of others that we are in competition with the reigning leaders. This may be why famous people are always seen with a group of seeming acolytes. The Jesus story is a prime example of this phenomenon. He was simply not willing to act the way a Jewish man of his group and generation should. In a backlash against feminism, many men are increasing their efforts to behave as their most animal instincts dictate.  High profile women, especially, must take proper precautions.

It is easy to get discouraged when attempting to bond with others when most of the others look at you as if you have three heads. Often, you have to simply put on the costume of the community and hope that nobody notices that we are only pretending to know their songs. This really doesn't work well for high profile “foreigners,” so it is always best to walk with others who have your back.

What's a wanderer to do? 

Dress like the "natives." Whoever was on the turf first, "owns" the turf, even if only for that minute. It is up to the one entering the area to put the "owner" at ease. It is important to ease your way into new situations by allowing people to relax upon first encountering you. 

Animals in the wild often have camouflage for just this reason. What you wear is not who you are. It is of utmost importance that we understand that in order to not create fear in those we encounter. No matter how sophisticated human society gets, we are all animals underneath our human camouflage. Fear creates anger, and anger creates violence. Once people get to know you, you can appear any way you like.

Make sure you live only with those who have your back and will advocate for (protect) you. Put on your emotional body armor before you leave the house, no matter for how short a time you'll be away. Do this by insisting on daily affirmations from those with whom you live, even if your only housemates have four legs. Take a talisman that represents your safe place, pets, or people with you to hold when you feel afraid. Stay in communication distance with someone you can count on when in trouble. 

Hikers and boaters file plans for their trips with people who can come rescue them if they don't arrive when they say they will. It is always good to have others know where you plan to be and when to expect your return. Paying for a service, such as AAA, is a valid measure for self-protection. Social media is great for staying in constant communication with allies when on the move. 

In order to make a difference, we must stay alive. Keep yourselves safe.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Embrace the Awe

There seem to be two kinds of people in the world, those who admit that know very little and those who lie about how much they know. Even the most brilliant thinkers can't excel in every avenue of collection and assimilation of information. In today's technological world, people are becoming very specialized in their own areas of knowledge, yet we still insist on following those who speak with the most commanding voices. We 
very seldom need tribal chiefs to lead us in battle.Why do we hide behind those who bully us with instilling fear so that we will then see them as our saviors?

Those that convince others that they have inside knowledge of the great mysteries of life continue to be honored by us as if they were themselves gods. We seek their guidance on many things about which they actually know nothing, rather face our own fears of the unknown. The issue seems to me that we've been taught to fear rather than embrace our own unknowns. Every unknown is an opportunity to seek out another to enlighten one in a particular area of expertise. To know everything would diminish the reasons to reach out to others.

Why do we want to have all the world's knowledge? What would we do with it, if we had it? There are only so many hours in any given life, and each of us is tasked with developing only so many talents. Yet, we are pushed to feel that we never know enough, never do enough, never share enough of ourselves. Why don't we simply push back?

People seem to look for ways to upset themselves, rather than simply embracing what is right in front of them. We seek out gurus to teach us how to regain what we were born with, wonder and mystery at everything around us, beginning with our own bodies and their functions. We are then carefully taught that we should stop simply enjoying and start fearing ourselves and everything we encounter until someone "in control" can "help" us understand ourselves and the rest of our experiences.

Babies are delighted when they fill their diapers until we tell them how much we dislike what came out of them. How much better it would be if we could congratulate them for turning their food into themselves and into new life as fertilizer! Instead we want to sanitize everything to standards that have been developed by those who fear the natural cycles of life and death and have institutionalized fear of ourselves and all around us. Nothing is good unless "they" say it is good.

We are born with awe, wonder, and delight. We have been taught to turn these feelings into fear. The "fear of God" is simply foolishness. The wonder at the great mysteries that we call life is worth living for. People often wonder how a group can get together and celebrate during a hurricane. Theses are people embracing awe.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How Humorous

How humorous that we women thought that if we modeled behavior for our men
That we would eventually lead them away from their definitions of sin.
We had no idea that, with our attempts to impact their behavior,
We were insuring that they would continue rejecting our personal savior.

Each male human wants to be the only alpha male in his tribe or pride.
By accepting the example of another male, each felt denied.
We must go back to the more basic in animal behaviors,
So that our mates will feel they are our physical families' saviors.

When will we get past the notion the that there are queens and kings
That will present us with all our most precious childhood imaginings?
The glory of adulthood is in seeing clearly our own talents and mission
We can finally make plans to accomplish our goals with precision.

There is no family, no religion, no sacred ceremony or ritual
That can take the place of of you living a life that is truly full
Most of us have a sacred place in community, when accepted;
It is sad that so many talents are, by the time of birth rejected.

The saddest of all stories is in the children born with dead souls,
Created by people who were themselves not spiritually whole.
They go on to produce animals that walk upright like we do,
But the ability to have free will is possessed by only their few.

We have many who proclaim their undying devotion to them,
The reality being they fail as responsibly compassionate friends.
manna doesn't fall from the sky; nether do diaper changers;
When these are needed, most "Christians" are complete strangers.

I do not say that they should abandon their own families,
But they accept that "God" punishes sins with disease.
The men go about their business of throwing money at them
The women are dying as they lose all of their "Christian" friends.

Even the story of Jesus as he suffered and died
Had the men he loved the most hiding as the cried.
Who needs a religion that is based on male cowardice?
Women have now seen the hypocrisy that men resist.

Call us when you have a theology built on long gestation,
Not one built on an immediate, painless view of creation.
Nothing worthwhile happens in the blink of a god's eye
No matter how diligently the celibate clergy has tried.

We are recently, as mothers, beginning to insist
That our mates participate in consequences they resist.
Sacred science has given mothers ways to prove paternity
No longer will males be held, from responsibility, free.

My hope is that males will now hold each other to rules;
The laws of religion and law are simply useful tools.
My body will long be dead before injustices cease
I hope that how I've lived my life will, justice, increase.

Do You Know What You'd Have Done?

It is so easy calling oneself "Christian," assuming we all are tempted the same way,
But when faced with the weaknesses that we don't share, we have too much to say.
"How could he or she do such an immoral thing," is a popular way to judge others,
As if we are all born identical to our physical, earthly sisters and brothers.

The Christo-pagan belief that Jesus was a god while he walked the earth
Diminishes the possibilities with which each human is given birth.
We are all made to be messiahs to others, in our own small ways,
But this is not how the story of Genesis has been rephrased.

All the generations of obedience to the highest abilities in humans
Have been made, by those who sought power, into a shame-filled sham.
They presented themselves as the only arbiters of salvation's story,
Refusing to admit to all of humanity's special crowning glory.

How is it that generation after generation seeks charlatans;
As if this level of slavery is what human salvation demands?
We continue to look outside of all that we experience in the universe
Because we believe those that tell us all creation has been cursed.

Look around you without listening to those who see the negative;
We've all been given different choices in how we're meant to live.
Not one of us needs an intermediary between ourselves and divinity;
The image and likeness of The Holy Spirit is in the universe we see.

I am simply thrilled that I have a small part in this cosmic miracle;
I accept that my understanding of this infinity will never, in my life, be full.
In fact, a great part of the joy in the life and times given to me
Is in continuing to know that I'll never reach the end of this mystery.

Do any of us truly know, given another's body and temptations
What we would have done in another's given, individual situations?
I choose to believe that each positive input that I give to another
Will help to guide the universe in making us all sisters and brothers.

I spend little time wondering who is better and who is worse;
I believe we each only physically manifest the divinity of the universe.
I believe all this energy will eventually come together as one,
As it was in eternity, before the universe we see was begun.