Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How We Think of Jesus

What if Jesus was simply our big brother, sent to set an example?
Why do we have to believe in magic to see his life as ample?
Wouldn't it be more powerful to believe him human, like us?
We may then have more about our own behaviors to discuss.

I know I cannot follow in the steps of an unearthly god,
Even if he took on physical form, while on earth he trod.
But if a man's exemplary life was drawn from ancestors,
This is a way of teaching that most of humankind prefers.

We are, at our cores, animals who learn by following;
Only a few on earth can teach with what they sing.
That our exemplar was born by other means than we
Sets a bad example for our hopes of sacred eternity.

If humans are created as manifestations of The Sacred Spirit
Why do we shut down any avenues for each to hear it?
To test for any voice of the sacred, we should come to agree
That each human represents "God" to some minor degree?

No loving father demands the death of his own sacred son;
Even earlier animals protect the lives that they have begun.
Why have we decided that going backward in evolution
Is the best way to seek humanity's peaceful solution?

Free will to choose only oneself or the best for humanity
Is the great message that has come from humanity's religiosity.
I believe that Jesus, as a man from an observant Jewish family,
Sacrificed himself to his beliefs, for all his world to see.

Those who follow in his steps of non-violent persuasion
Continue to be the most valuable strength of any nation.
Non-violent resistance comes with patient sacrifice;
Immediate gratification of violence will never suffice.

People and societies who will not wait and carefully listen
Will never get the most carefully thought out decisions.
Sanctions against those wanting only excitable attention
Are subject to change, if sent to anonymous detention.

The greatest difference between human and other animals
Is the free will for which most full humans are grateful.
When we kill the frontal lobe with drugs and hatred
The results of procreation are animals that are spiritually naked.

Jesus, it seems to me, taught that it doesn't matter who are your parents;
You should look for The Sacred Spirit's message for why you're sent.
He lived in a way to give us ample personal ways to find our paths
To create a "heaven" that begins on earth, and will eternally last.