Sunday, May 12, 2013

Motivational Mothers

In honor of Mothers' Day, I'd like to thankfully
Acknowledge all the women of wit and wisdom
Who have helped me to form my impressions of me.

I had a sister, long deceased, who thought me magic,
And one who thought me to be a funny clown,
Also a younger sister whose wiles I could never lick.

My baby sister, who I thought was a bore,
And who later was called much like me,
As well as the aunts whose humor I adored.

I had teachers who honored my many gifts,
And accomplished women who craved my light,
Some with whom jealousy has since caused a rift.

It hasn't been easy for we women with new freedoms
To find a common set of values for our homes.
Faults seen by many were honored as courage by some.

Women must mother each other in our efforts to succeed;
This is the only way we can survive physical force.
We must fight the fear of comparisons that lead to greed.

As a mother who sees her deformed child's face
Through eyes that color all with her compassion,
We must see other's struggles as those of all the human race.

This is not to say that we should support those who use
Their weaknesses as ways to manipulate others.
These manipulators lead themselves and others to abuse.

A strong woman leads through compassionate example;
Motivation seeks good for all concerned in the effort.
Observation leads to discerning how gifts are channeled.

We must give up territorial marking in order to live
As a universal community of The Sacred Spirit.
Mothers have a history of balancing all a family has to give.

Pentecost Prayer Day 39

It is very difficult for me to actually accomplish the missions on which I set out. I use so much energy in the visualization of reaching the goal, and so much more energy explaining to others where I'm going in ways that may entice them to accompany me, that I'm often exhausted before we even set out on our adventures. The bad part for me is that I've gotten others so excited about getting where we're going that they then proceed without me, and I feel abandoned, as do they.

I am trying to tone down my enthusiasm, but I'm always afraid that we will stay stuck if I don't lead the charge to promised territory, or even worse, we'll backslide to the perceived safety of earlier influences. My experiment for Pentecost is to simply lay out my vision and see if anyone can see what I see so clearly. Surely others are leading the way in which I can simply proceed along with them on their path of delight and discovery.

My prayer for Pentecost is that my dream comes true.