Monday, February 10, 2014

Fathers Are Our Future


    Every time you dishonor the parent, you also harm the parent's child,
    So much more while the child depends on the parent for continued life.
    Before a child can walk and bring food to her or his own lips,
    Every threat to the sustaining parents makes the child fearful of death.
    How is it that what we call humans are still walking upon this earth,
    While acting as scavenging animals in their behaviors toward others?
    Walking upright and the power of speech is not all that humanity requires.
    Even monkeys swinging from trees protect their young better than do we.
    Love is what we have for all when we are born; it is only with fear that this is destroyed.
    The universe does not play favorites with different tribes and different species.
    Even the ancient, unruly gods had to cooperate for humans to thrive.
    When will we realize that we have the choice to work or to perish together?
    Why do we continue to feed each other into the fires of an earthly hell?
    STOP, people! THINK! We are not only animals. We are each a bit of The Sacred.
    Look past the skin into the soul, where you will find a perfect baby, like yourself.
    Seek out a soul that can see your own and wallow in wonder with this child.
    Fathers, hold the mothers as they hold your sons and daughters.
    Let your children and their mother breath in your sheltering strength.
    Be a full partner in the act of procreation, only begun when you planted your seed.
    Your ribs form the foundation for the tent of skin surrounding your sacred family.