Thursday, June 27, 2013

Absolute Awesomeness

I believe the the Bible is an historical account given through the eyes, ears, minds, and spirits of the writers. (All history is based on the viewpoint of the teller.) As the human ability to understand has grown, so did scripture. At Pentecost, we were all told that we no longer need intermediaries to "hear" The Sacred Spirit, but this openness to approach such Awesomeness without a hand to hold is frightening to many.

The tragedy is that there are so many who continue to look backward to what is broken rather than forward to the gifts we have for fixing our earth. (On earth as it is in heaven) There are many who take advantage of fear to take control of the "animal" natures underneath all of our human Special Spirit. IF Jesus is truly a person's "Christ," following the path that he laid out with his example and accessing The Sacred Spirit that he infused into a "new" earth is the only way to truly honor him.

M. Scott Peck says in "A World Waiting to Be Born," that all systems are based on "masks" that we wear to seem like we are all in agreement. He says further that we cannot create change without taking off our masks. (This is something the scared and the power hungry dare not do.) I consider this the most hopeful book I've read on the future of humanity

M. Scott Peck further says that, when things begin to change, chaos ensues, which causes fear. (I think we are now at that point in humanity.) With chaos comes fear of the unfamiliar. At this point, many revert to their masks rather than face the unknown. 

It is time for humanity to stop worrying about what our ancestors did to keep themselves surrounded by only like-minded individuals, and time for us each to connect to our most responsibly compassionate selves. This is the gift of humanity's direct access to The Sacred Spirit.

In my experience, all who have an ember of this Spirit can bring it to flames that will give new warmth to the earth by connecting with this same spirit in each other. I run, don't walk, from gurus who all have ways to hypnotize or scare us into believing they have closer connection to The Sacred Spirit than do any of us.

Fear and awe feel much the same, but are very different. Imagine if we stopped talking about "fear" of God and started talking about the awesomeness of all the many manifestations on earth of the Indescribable Spiritual Power, of which humans have access AT WILL.  Sadly, we seem to fill our minds with all kinds of things to avoid facing The Awesome. 

I believe that Sacred Scripture is still being put into the hearts and spirits of everyday, average humans; we simply have stopped looking for it or even being open to it.