Thursday, August 29, 2013

Continuing to Kill Ourselves

We bred them to be the biggest, strongest, most prolific at procreation;
Now we fear, torment, and kill them for how we placed them in our nation.
We admire them in athletic pursuits, but hate them when they put on suits.

The biggest, strongest, and most adept at thinking things through
Are the ones who survived, no matter what they were made to do.
It is it any wonder that they best us, in most areas of life that we discuss?

Energy can only be destroyed, temporarily, by maiming the source,
But it always comes back in different manifestations, of course.
The tree that's cut down, like men, comes back as carbon and nitrogen.

Until humans allow all nature to take a productive course,
We continue to stop divine energy from representing the source.
No life ever dies; it metamorphasizes, to new manifestation's disguises.

Each bit of nature is one realization of collective energy;
The energies of past worlds makes each of us uniquely you or me.
Until we exercise our singular free will, we'll continue, part of ourselves, to kill.