Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Healing Hearts and Heads

I believe that our inherited weaknesses are often what lead us to sin. If I can face my individual weakness and address it, I may be able to avoid turning the this weakness into sin. Sometimes the weakness presents in the form of sickness before it manifests itself as sin. There are many psychiatric illnesses that I think we use as excuses for sin, rather than as warning signs of weaknesses that need to be addressed before we turn to sin to make us "feel better".

The New Covenant made it impossible for us to blame our sins on the weaknesses of our parents. We are taught that salvation is not inherited; neither is sin. We can choose The Way or not. We also must choose a support group for The Way. Sadly, many who call themselves Christian, including many parents, are following paths that don't seem to be consistent with The Way of Christ.

As children, we are unable to follow any path but that set out for us by those who control our very survival. The way I was brought up, this authority over my life was transferred from my father, through my mother, to my pastor, to my husband. It wasn't until recently that I became aware that this was a great stumbling block to my being able to hear the voice of The Spirit inside my own soul.

I read scripture and often "hear" a different interpretation than what has been taught to me throughout my life. There are also many writings that I feel are sacred which are not contained in what we consider the totality of sacred scripture for now and for the future.

The Almighty's voice has always been available to anyone who seeks The Spirit of Holiness (Wholeness). We must stop believing that only the anointed few are privy to The Voice.

Holy Spirit Heal our hearts;
Holy Spirit heal our heads;
Holy Spirit take our tongues,
And have us speak Your words instead.