Saturday, March 9, 2013

Nice Neighbors

My second "son" arrived after work yesterday;
This time I asked that while I cook, he'd stay.
Richard had purchased new technology
For watching his favorites on TV.
I knew I was in for a tense night,
If Richard was left alone with this fight.

He wants to navigate technology,
But this a gift from which he's free.
I had made a deal with my second "son,"
We'd, for technology help, to him run.
In exchange, I will cook meals for him;
I don't know that we'll ever be real friends.

A student on one side, a "son" on the other,
I'm feeling again like a den mother.
I'm determined to make this equal exchange,
But, for me, this is a big change.
If friendship grows, it's baggage free,
With no primary responsibility.

This may only be the way of neighbors,
With the giving and the taking of favors.
I don't need any more kids or friends,
But a good neighbor can be a godsend.
Small crises can be, by neighbors, greeted,
A cup of sugar or band-aid is needed.

If we have a mission that is true,
We should focus on what we can do.
It is important to check ourselves
Before opening wide to someone else.
Neighbors quite often move away,
True family and friends, in the soul, stay.