Friday, April 26, 2013

Pentecostal Prayer day 24

Sometimes we have to pretend to be tough in order to be of any help;
My children know I will always be there if they can't defend themselves.
In order to test their own strength and those most closely bonded to them,
They push me away, so that on others, they're sure they can depend.

Those who believe God's grace is all they need are deluding themselves,
Unless they admit that humanity is that in which The Sacred Spirit dwells.
So many times we and others are given incredible, unseen graces
When the situation at hand, our conscious helplessness, embraces.

We must stop acting as if manna falls directly from the heavens;
The Sacred Spirit, on the creatures of earth's presence, depends.
Nothing on earth was meant to stand alone, without support of another,
Even though science continues to produce progeny with only a mother.

The skills we've ascribed to one gender or another, whimsically,
Have never been the absolute truth of how nature was made to be.
It's important we realize we are meant to find complimentary peers,
So that every tribe and generation has guidance by which to steer.

I know many of my experiences don't provide ways for me to relate
In the societal situations to which my children must acclimate.
My most urgent request as an elder of their community
Is that they have patience in explaining those areas I can't see.

I would gladly close my heart to all emotional input from them
If I hadn't, by giving them birth, promised, on me they could depend.
No matter the pull of business or my relationship with others,
The only non-negotiable position I've held is that of their mother.

My Pentecostal prayer is that we all accept procreation as a responsibility,
Not to those we create, but to our own sense of perpetual accountability.
Only then will we stop putting our egos and old-age comforts above
The responsible compassion that must come to define sacred love.