Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pentecostal Prayer Day 2

Why do "Christians" continue to justify their fear of others by the old law,
When their Messiah, Jewish Jesus, told them that law was obsolete?
The day of blood sacrifice to the gods to redeem sins is over;
Jesus going to his death was supposed to make that cycle complete.

Will humans ever accept humanity's internal presence of TheSacred Spirit,
Or will we continue to kill each other until there's nobody left to hear it?
We continue to spread our own seeds by any means necessary
Because there are are those continuing to make "different" humans look scary.

We can all choose to be fruitful and multiply the positive energy,
Or we can continue to contribute to fear, hatred, and greed
As we seek The Sacred Spirit in all things in all eternity,
We may learn what we want is often not what humanity needs.

Look for The Sacred Spirit, free in the universe of today;
Every child with any innocence has this in his or her eyes.
Isn't openness to others that for which we've long prayed?
If we look past the man to the frightened child, love may arrive.

No animal on earth is ever immune to some fear,
But we don't have to believe those who use fear to lead.
We say that, we as humans, hold the child's innocence dear,
But we continue to plant war's destructive seeds.

Come Sacred Spirit, upon today's earth, and rekindle the fire
That lights all humans with a sacred compassionate vision.
We are drowning in the products of animal fear and desire;
Please enlighten our universal, fully human mission.

Perhaps all humans have been anointed as bits of the messiah,
To spread responsible compassion around the whole earth.
The fire of The Sacred Spirit is the image of godliness,
And the gift with which humans are blessed before birth.

We can choose to snuff out the flame or join in fanning it.
Every good deed we do, every child that we soothe
Is a place where The Sacred Spirit does naturally fit.
Let the sharing of compassion in this life be our spiritual food.