Monday, January 20, 2014

No Hope for the Hierarchy

A friend who has held onto my soul for over forty years gave me an article today, saying, "God heard your complaints." The article about Pope Benedict's defrocking of priests originated with the Associated Press, and was published in her local newspaper. I read it with great interest, only to find that the defrocking was based on a loosening of the legal statute of limitations on rape and abuse set by the Vatican. How can an organization presenting itself as "Christian" hide behind legalistic limitations on the murder of one's faith?

We were made children of the church before we were even born, by virtue of the Vatican's insistence that all good Roman Catholic women bear as many "soldiers of Christ" as their bodies would produce. There was no compassion for the needs of the children, nor of the parents, even when there were extreme circumstances which should have slowed down responsible human procreation.

I have no hope for the Roman Catholic Church to ever walk away from their arrogance in believing that they are the high priests that must stand between each person and his or her personal manifestations of The Sacred Spirit on this earth. They have lived too long in the aura of respectability in which monarchs enjoy adulation. They have infected too much of what is called "Christianity" with the militaristic idea of conquering souls with fear and force over the slow process of true conversion to faith, which passes one person to one person.

The world is one. Until we understand that all divisions are false, we will never have peace.