Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Learning Life's Language; Seeing The Sacred Spirit

When we are small children we learn the languages of those on whom we depend for our physical well-being. We are taught that all parents, especially mothers "love" their children, even though reality says something entirely different. The` truth is just too terrible for many to contemplate, so they deny that it can be possible.

Many parents are actually destroying their children's spirits with anger, fear, and physical deprivation, but we insist that they are loving their children. Quite often, this is reinforced by the words of the parents. Words don't speak what is in the spirit nearly as loudly as do the other physical manifestations of responsible compassion, and lack thereof. Words are nothing more than physical vibrations of energy. We experience emotion, especially as pre-verbal (and pre-birth) infants,  more through the vibrations of tone and other actions rather than through words.

Many speak of hearing the voice of God actually speaking words to them. They say that they hear the voice of their father god or their mother goddess. It would be wonderful if we could record these sounds to hear how much these "voices" match the voices of earthly beings who, at some time, actually spoke with them.  It would seem that the voices would sound much like people who had made the person feel safe, or afraid, or ashamed, depending on one's perception of what a god does for and to people on earth.

Some people experience life and love through manifestations of energy that don't include voice. Do people born deaf "hear" God speaking in the same way as do those who can actually process sound waves? We can't know because we can't hear with another person's verbal processing parts of the brain.

I cannot "see" the same "face" or "hear" the same "voice" of God that my friend sees and hears because I have different photos in my head of what evokes feelings of safety, or fear, or shame. It is like we have learned two different languages. This is especially true when hearing of the god of the pre-Jesus sacred scriptures, the god of Jesus, and the god of The Holy Spirit. My siblings experience our deceased parents in much different manifestations than I do. My friends and family sense The Sacred Spirit in much different manifestations than I do.

In order for me to experience my children's or my husband's love, I don't have to hear them, see them, or physically feel them touching me, but their spirits are always with me. It is the same with all who have deeply loved me in this life, as well as those who have scorned me. Their spirits still live on in me. I can still "hear" their voices and "see" their faces, especially in my deepest meditative states. Their energy, once absorbed by me, can be diluted by other energy, but it never goes away completely. This inspires awe in me, and a great respect for the power in the spirit that is inherent in being a fully functioning human.

Being is simply that, continued energy. Doing is the expending of energy. If God is the Supreme Being, this says to me that this being is in everything until destroyed by misuse or irresponsible control tactics. Expending of energy can either create more energy through the process of synergy, or it can destroy energy that already exists.

Ancient scriptures seem to portray the Supreme Being as a Supreme Doing, making all sorts of things happen to humans because of their imperfect humanity. I suspect that early religions were of two types. There were those that sought to control with fear of earthly rulers, including shamans, soothsayers, and priests. This seems more animal than human to me.

These people seemed to "hear" and "see" a god or gods that looked and sounded suspiciously like their most scary selves.  They pretended to much knowledge that neither they, nor anyone else, could actually understand. The second type of scripture seems to be a more soothing set of scripts. Perhaps these "voices" and "faces" of god(s) were based on loving mothers, fathers, or nursemaids.

Somewhere along the line, people began to fight over who saw the true face and heard the true voice of The Supreme Being. This is very much like siblings arguing about who mama loves the most, without understanding that the spiritual bonding of real love is not physically measurable, neither is the synergy created by any two people the same as the synergy created by any two different people.Yet, we continue to argue, thousands of years after being assured that The Sacred Spirit is available in all creation, and that humans have the ability to choose to live in a way that encourages The Sacred Spirit's growth through synergy, or to kill each others' and their own sacred selves.

We all come from the same sacred spark of life which contains male, female, stone, sand, stars, and all other physical forms that make up the universe. Whether or not we each become black holes destroying this energy is greatly up to each of us. Each act we commit, including our words, either grows or destroys the synergy of the life we impact. What we hear others say and what we see others do become parts of our own spirits, what some refer to as god in us. With each thing we do, we should ask ourselves whether we are manifesting a sacred image and likeness of The Sacred Spirit of humanity or are we creating a black hole that consumes The Sacred Spirit's eternal, divine energy.

The manifestations of The Sacred Spirit that I prefer to welcome into my heart and home are fueled by the look in the eyes, the touch of a cheek, the sweet smiles, the words, and the lilting laughter of my beloveds. I don't need any other voices or faces of god in this earthly manifestation of my physical energy. Even Jesus had twelve buddies to keep him happy on earth. Just as my body continues because of the work of those who feed, clothe, and shelter me, so do they enable The Sacred Spirit to continue in my earthly physical form. I trust that these spirits will continue to be one with my universal spirit and those of all others in eternity.