Sunday, March 18, 2012

Personal Priorities

It is true that I have a limited capacity for others' structure,
But only hypocrisy causes my boundaries to rupture.
When I have a leader who leads by his or her example,
My ability to follow orders is certainly more than ample.
The job in which I find myself, much different than jobs before,
Has a department system that lives behind wide open doors,.
I now split my time between structure and complete freedom;
This need for balance seems to be part of being human.
We are both busy at what means much to each of us;
When we come together, we have much to discuss.
We also value the time for creating order in our home;
No longer is this a high priority of only my own.
It is absolutely marvelous having a sense of limited time;
Only then do I perceive of  goals to which I'll climb.
When I have no sense of  deadline from one day to the next,
There is a sense of relief that nobody can rightfully object.
But there is also a sense of floating in time and space,
Not really a contributing member of the human race.