Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Divinity and the Damned

My dad said that people are "no damned good;"
This was played out in his terrible brood.
There were no boundaries we wouldn't break
There was no goodness "for Goodness' sake."

Our household was one of catch and punish,
The way of the god with whom we were furnished.
And now we're told to be so sentimental
About a new god who is kind and gentle.

Was the old god, in fact, never true,
Punishing what we think, say, and do?
And is not this new person of god
Part of The Father that spared not the rod?

I am much more comfortable
Believing The Spirit infuses the world,
And that each of us is free to choose
How much of our Divinity we will use.

People choose to embrace the good or the bad;
There is much "no good" to be had.
But we are not bound to come to be
Any of the earthly evil that we see.

We must seek the good in ourselves and others,
And seek our spiritual sisters and brothers.
Blood is not thicker than the good in our souls;
We can choose those who help make us whole.