Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why I Walk Away

If I live every day as if it is my last
And honor the energy of others;
I may act like a person of the god
Believed in by my father and mother.

They never told me what their god looked like;
I knew by their lives what they believed.
They believed they should destroy the sin
In every child that they conceived.

They didn't do this with bonding;
They did it with rules and punishment.
This was the mission, they both believed,
For which parents and priests were sent.

They worshiped a god of wrath,
A terrible task master at best,
Who demanded his own son's blood
To put our ancestors' sins to rest.

Where my beliefs differ from theirs,
Is in how we see Divine Energy.
Rather than focusing on death and sin,
I look for The Life in all that I see.

This way is not always easy,
As this world is full of such pain;
But focusing on the light in others
Helps to make me feel whole again.

I am not good at holding hands
Of those who seek healing punishment.
I don't believe that punishing others
Is why any of us on earth were sent.

And so when I walk away
From another in deep distress,
It is only because I am weakening
In my ability to give my best.

It is not because hate the person
Or that I judge them to be wrong;
It is simply that in sight of their pain,
I know I'm not able to be strong.