Monday, June 24, 2013

Our Sacred Sons

I did not bear my children to be used to murder others;
I brought them up to embrace all their sisters and brothers.
I didn't have more children than I and their father could protect
Because I feared that later children would not command respect.

Who is creating these labels and "treatments" for various "dis"-abilities?
There are so many colors of the universe, more than the human eye sees.
The terms that disparage those who don't think like most of us do
Is something that, I'm hoping, our society will soon get through.

There are areas where you want someone with OCD behavior
Like in a neurosurgeon who, may be your own life saver.
As his wife and children, you may need him to understand,
That when he comes home, he is simply a fellow human.

All these people now diagnosed as Asperger's syndrome,
In engineering fields, have long been completely at home.
With women' rights we've come to summarily reject
The unemotional thinking that, in males, we used to respect.

And when did every sensitive male become a homosexual;
Women with great physical ability cursed as femininely ineffectual?
In this age of specialization in our employment seeking skills,
We have somehow, in our thinking, fearful biases also instilled.

Don't tell me my baby's not normal, he's perfect to me.
I am not interested in correcting his "defects" that you see.
I am so fortunate that he has his ten fingers and toes,
And that he's the child that, for me, the universe chose.

Every child, like every flower, has his own beauty.
I love him because he is, not out of a sense of duty.
Begone all you who come with your ways to change him;
He will, one day, stand as a strong leader of men.

History is full of imperfect men who were leaders,
Who were, in more human ways, true believers.
Each leader begins with their own history,
And works to the space where they're meant to be.

I believe in this path to peace for my sacred son;
Though he embraces his father, from whom I did run.
Though he fights me, I know his spirit has progressed
His father's new family is, by his leadership, blessed.

Families and friendships are dependent on emotional flexibility;
We cannot survive as a people if we're adaptive behaviors free.
Only babies are allowed to demand all things go their own way,
But we continue to follow those who think they're directors of our play.

Leadership takes self-discipline and great responsible compassion,
Also patient processing, which is clearly not in fashion.
Loyalties imposed by fear aren't relationships at all;
They are simply holding patterns, waiting for the leaders to fall.

Diagnosis of anyone who challenges the angry leadership
Is the way that we establish and continue dictatorships.
Perhaps depression and anxiety are actually expressions of anger
Because we know our leaders are taking us into grave danger.

One definition of insanity is repeating behavior that doesn't work
War creates generation enemies that behind every society lurk.
When will we stop looking backwards for a path to peace
Only we can give new examples and demand that war cease.