Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Rabbi?! Oh, Really?

I'm beginning to feel like an old rabbi, endlessly arguing fine points of sacred scriptures;
The internet and my rejection of patriarchy has freed me from many strictures.
It's like I have the ancient library of Alexandria in my restlessly seeking hands;
Is this (as many believe) the devil's work, or is my seeking part of God's plan?

I believe The Almighty Aum hasn't changed with the times or the seasons.
I also believe that The Manifestations change with our ability to reason.
There are still many who accuse me of arguing over mere picky semantics;
For these people, believing we understand the original scriptures does the trick.

I do believe that since the dawn of creation, humans are the only creatures who have known
That searching for how we're made in the image of The Almighty is how our souls are grown.
But we forget that some words and some precise meanings are lost when words are translated;
Until we can understand them exactly, they should be neither wholly accepted nor negated.

We seem to vacillate wildly between hiding from our missteps and taking all blame;
The need to feel like we control Creation leads to nothing, long-term, but shame.
Our shame then prompts us to clean up or hide our perceived messes
Before The Great One smites us for any of our fallible, naive guesses.

How much more peace-promoting would it be to believe that we are born good,
And that the Great Light shining in each of us is simply covered by a bodily hood?
We would look into each others eyes and we'd honestly touch their Immortal souls
Instead of turning from their pain in shame, our souls' bond would help to make them whole.

If we felt intrinsically cherished, we would learn to gently examine our mistakes,
And we would share the lessons that we've learned, for all of humankind's sakes.
We would truly be interested in camaraderie rather than in competition,
But we must stop believing that controlling Grace is a worthy life's mission.