Monday, April 2, 2012

Notes and Negativity

Bubbles of memory drift over and pop;
I have often begged for them to stop.
Even the joyful ones can cause pain
For the things I can't live over again.

My life has been so full of wonder;
But cynics have torn my heart asunder.
I came to hide inside my head;
Others were a cause for dread.

I have no problem with doubt
Of what I like to think about.
But why do others want to destroy
Those who insist on seeing joy?

Are they afraid there's not enough,
And we won't share our "stuff?"
Or are they afraid their hearts will break
If joy, in their hearts, claims a stake?

I am attempting to engage once again,
Hoping the joy will outweigh the pain.
Will I ever learn not to take personally
All the universe's negativity?

It is true that when we block all that's sad,
We also block much that makes us glad.
You can't put your elbow on one piano key
Without hitting more notes than were meant to be.

So I will now seek to actively filter
The negative that throws me off kilter.
I will no longer take it as my mission
To heal all of the earth's divisions.