Saturday, February 1, 2014

Boundaries of Behavior

When will "Christians" and "Catholics" stand up to the corruption of the church of Rome?
So many continue to disobey, without refusing communion with their abusive home.
This political earthly kingdom, with palaces and princes, continues to pervert
The examples of Jesus, who lived in joyful, responsibly compassionate work.

This religion has pretended to be based on the traditions of the chosen ones,
All the while persecuting their ancestral brothers, sisters, daughters, and sons.
The Jews did not create graven images of The Sacred Breath of all earthly life;
Neither did they follow the path of a "god'" that demanded blood sacrifice.

Their anointed son, Jesus, sought to make the message of salvation accessible,
By living a life of great discipline that was also earthy, and quite joyful.
Then, entered the Roman priests, with their gods lusting for human blood,
And the people were distracted from the ancestry on which Jesus stood.

Priests and false prophets pretend to have special protective power;
Only they can save humans from the greedy gods' desires to devour
All those that displease them, as they enrich their chosen ones:
The firstborn of families that produce physically strong sons.

How humans love their circuses with great shows of bloody bravery,
Dismissing daily acts of courage and devotion the public doesn't see.
How can the people reclaim the sacred as seen by our ancestors,
When religions have created a path to eternity that is only empty words?

Isn't it time that humans stop acting as territorial animals,
And admit that cooperation is how we can be most fruitful?
If we accept Abraham as the father of three separate nations,
We must go back to before him to cure our current situation.

Why do we start the story of the chosen people with the greed
Adam and Eve passed down to their sons, through their seed?
We continue to ignore the evils of belief in blood sacrifice;
Though, throughout the stories told by our ancestors, were rife.

Each time an ancestor attempts to kill a human for his or her god,
The way becomes more difficult for all who, on our earth, trod.
We continue to, generation after generation, do the same,
Pretending that we kill each other in The Sacred Spirit's name.

The breath of eternal life is most fully manifested in humanity;
The choice to destroy or increase the sacred is, in each, free.
How many more millenia will we follow our animals instincts,
Rather than use the superior brains with which each full human thinks?

Any priest, pastor, or prophet promoting fear, or lack of intellect,
Is certainly a person that a full human should spiritually reject.
This does not require any action of physically moving away,
But requires boundaries against allowing in anything that they say.

We are given permission by Jesus to shelter the vulnerable children
Against any who attempt to lead these most vulnerable to sin.
Love of neighbor doesn't prescribe we desecrate our sacred homes
By allowing in the perversions of those who, to us, are not known.

Only those who are strong in their beliefs and boundaries
Should open their doors to all, ministers and thieves.
Each place of communion must be clear in what they expect
From those that, the core values of this home, they reject.

When we have strong beliefs and boundaries, we should happily let in
Any who seek our inclusion in their lives as family or as friends.
It is not against the example that, in his life on earth, Jesus set
To, those who attempt to change our core values, we eject.

The story of ejection from the Garden of Eden as punishment
Has harmed the chosen family human ever since.
What if we saw the story as a parent saying, "not in my home"
Would the different tribes of people of the earth feel less alone?

When one group seeks to control, the more we have disasters.
When will we see there's no one tribe as universal masters?
Turn back the pages to the Jewish story of their genesis;
Humans should have honored limits that did, then, exist.

Come forth all you humans who have boundaries of behavior.
I am strong enough to enjoy some of what your family savors.
I respect the fears of those who want to keep their children close,
While I, to your courage in being yourself, raise a toast.